Sunday, August 22, 2010

DragonMedia Player 0.2 Alpha

With time comes the resurrection of an old project of mine. I realized when I moved to my new place that I needed a decent player in my living room. So, instead of purchasing a computer or starting afresh, I grabbed my old DMP and started making fixes and modifications. What we have here is a new version that can play files off of up to 10 Samba shares, has no stuttering issues while browsing or playing off the internet, and allows for hot swappable USB and SD cards. Leave a (non-stupid) comment here or at WiiBrew to let me know how things work out.

View the Wiki for More Information and a full changelist.

Happy listening~


Vague Rant said...

This /is/ a stupid question, but how exactly are SMB shares set up in DMP? I see there's a "shares" directory on my SD, but there's nothing in the readme or that I've managed to find in the application itself on how to set them up.

DragonMinded said...