Sunday, January 27, 2008

DSOrganize 3.2

I decided against my better judgement to put out 3.2 "final," seeing as all the work I put into it would go to waste if I just left it alone. I've put final in quotes as this isn't where I wanted 3.2 to be, but it's where it's going to stay. You will notice that I removed basically all references to contact me. This is not because I encourage going on scavenger hunts to pester me with shit that you can find on the wiki. This is because I don't want to fucking hear from you. So don't email me, don't pester me on any irc channels I happen to be in, don't pm me.

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Ibrahim Awwal said...

Err, thanks? The bugfixes and improvements sound good, especially cookies and memory reduction. I'll be sure to test it out and not pester you with bugs or anything like that.

OSW said...

Thanks for the release DragonMinded.
I appreciate the effort.

Kind Regards,

Ian said...

I appreciate your work as well...I'm sorry if other people are being foolish. :/

Anonymous said...

Its great work, sorry to hear its becomming too much hassle. You've made an absolutely brilliant program and I'd be lost without it.

quadricolour said...

So happy about cookie support, you've made almost all of my dreams come true. Please output a ds.gba version so that EZ4/Slot-2 users aren't left in the dark! Thanks for everything DM.

Subaru said...

Congratulations :) You did excellent job :) But I don't understand that part with final... is that You are closing this project??? If yes it will be little sad but if You want to then I'm not stopping You... nah I'm angry on myself that I can't help You improve Your project :(
Cookies support is very good because maybe now finally forums will hold me logged in ^_^
You are master DragonMinded :) I wish to ask You for some things about programming but You said (I think) to not disturb You so I will not do that ;)

m-p{3} said...

Thanks for the release. I recently started using it, and I find it very nice as a calendar, but also as a wireless internet radio player.

I like to listen to DI.FM while doing chores :P

Garrick Anson said...

Funny, you updated hours after I had checked you blog to see if I could update my version.

I am a big fan of your project.
Keep up the good work.


Seaniam said...

Dude this app is fricking wonderful...the reason i got into homebrew at all. Thankyou for the work and updates. Good luck with future projects.

valentine said...

fuck you

dm you are one fucking muther fucker, you better burn in hell you sick freak son of a genius, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Verocity said...

The Leading Homebrew Browser gets even better....awesome man, I hope n00b's dont stop you from your awesome work.

m-p{3} said...

About this one
* Changed internet enabled applications to allow downloading/processing while the lid is closed.

I find it strange that my radio streams (*.pls) aren't resuming playback when the buffer is emptied while my lid is closed.

Other than this minor issue (which is possibly my fault, but I'm not sure), I would say this application is the most mature software on the Nintendo DS, and should be the goal to reach for anybody who develop on it.

SunDEV said...

Thanks for all features you enabled on this fabulous homebrew and all the time you have invested in it.
I've made a ds.gba version : . And thank you again for all that you have done.

malform said...

I am a very new DSorganize user, and I would have to agree with most of the poeple here that it is an amazing program. You should be very proud for developing such a tool.

Very sorry to hear that the project seems to have taken its toll on you. I really hope it doesnt mean the end of the development of it. Like I said it is truly amazing, and is probably the only homebrew application I have found yet I would be willing to pay money for. :)

Jens said...

Thanks for all your efforts. The NDS homebrew-scene would not have been the same without you.

GHIREM said...

thanks men but i have a question?
can i change the icons for one of mine or i have to modify some code?

because i think it looks better

anyway thanks

kennyk said...

You are truly an awesome coder DragonMinded. I hope you will not give up on developing for game consoles. I am sorry for the troubles some people in the scene have caused you.

I wish you the greatest,

LXF said...

Just wanted to drop a line of appreciation! Knowing that most people when happy will be quiet and the loud ones/potentially the people bothering are just a handful of all your users.. So from all of Your HAPPY! GREATFUL! 99% quiet users! THANK YOU DRAGONMINDED! You've brought a BIG Deal to the DEVscene, You can be proud.. We are!
3.2 "final or to be continued".. all up to You! Your worth whichever choice You make, will be guessing people will continue your work as, "unofficial releases" Thanks Again! GOOD LUCK with the paths you take! //LXF

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Read the wiki, there are instructions for installing different icon sets. No offense but people like you are what's annoying DM, read the manual before you ask a question.

Dirk said...

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your work. DSOrganize has become the most amazing piece of software for the nds in my opinion.

Fhy said...

I gladly join the chorus of praise. You'd truly desserve a real job with nintendo, it is an amazing software and I use it professionally. If Nintendo had released such a software itself, exactly the same, they would have sold TONS.
what you achieved is just great.
thank you

Anonymous said...

bbbbbaaaaaad idea,

mark my fucking words.......I WILL FIND YOU

not through some pussy ass irc bullshit,

i'm gonna find out where you live, what you look like, your family etc

i for one, hate your fucking attitude, if you think its that much of a pain in the ass....why program in the first place

i love to program btw, i put pride into my work.

I'm sure you'll be hearing more from us soon:)


DragonMinded said...

I'm approving the previous comment to show you why I've decided to do what I've done. The harassment I get from individuals has gotten to the point where it's not fucking worth it to bother writing software anymore, as the majority of what I'm faced with is crap. I usually delete comments that look to simply harass me, but people have been trying to call me out as "giving up" for no reasons.

Second, to "Team ANONYMOUS." Shut the fuck up. You are not the true anonymous. You have no fucking idea where anonymous even came from. I've been part of 4chan for the majority of it's life, and watched the inside joke of anonymous eventually find its way to the greater internet, inviting idiots like you who think it's your duty to track down and harass every dissenting group or individual who you decide goes against your arbitrary morals an beliefs. You are not and never will be part of "anonymous" because you don't even know what anonymous is or stands for. Get the fuck off of the internet. Nohting of value will be lost.

Pirata del Caribe said...

WOW! Dragon. I understand now why you seem to come across so upset sometimes. That last anonymous comment hinges on harassment and would require police intervention in most cases. Dont be afraid to take it there. Take care of yourself.

Talonreaper said...

Dang, I see where you are coming from now. That must be unbearable.

The main reason for this comment is, though, I have been getting a lot of guru meditation errors on tiny things like loading web pages (small ones) or loading a .m3u file with only 4 songs on it on my R4 DS. Also, the teendev hbdb has a lot of garbage text errors. Wondering if this could be on dso's part, or theirs. (Most likely)

However, just remember you do have a huge fanbase. You will be letting us all down if you let this kind of stuff stand in your way all the time.

Thank you, Shaun.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you do decide to quit on DSO keep us updated on what's up on your blog and your site. Programming isn't everything.

Jeryx said...

Man that sucks the treatment you are getting from some pricks who couldnt code their way out of a paper bag, like team stupidity a few posts up. I am also new to the DS homebrew scene, but I am impressed with your work, particularly the keyboard. Something taken for granted but only done half assed in any other homebrew I've tried, the keyboard in dsorganize has never given me any trouble. I truly hope this wont be the end of a great app, but more that this wont be the end of a damn talented programmer. I know when a labor of love (like programming) gets you nothing back but BS, you need to step back to destress. But I think I speak for most of the community when I say if you decide to come back, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Anonymous said...


Thanks by this great piece of software. I'm having some troubles with 3.2 so i'll stay with 3.1129 by now.

3.2 isn't able to render any webpage correctly. Random visible and not visible characters are shown isntead. Also, i get string corruptions when working with todo lists.

I'm still starting to work with dsorganize but i think it will be very useful in the future for me, so THANK YOU *VERY MUCH*.

Anonymous said...

Dragonminded has to start Open Sourcing DS Organize. I downloaded the Woopsi Interface (Amiga OS like Windowing System). Maybe someone can merge Woopsi and DS Organize to make an Amiga-like OS on the DS until DSUAE comes out.

I just hope the MinivMac project doesn't end up as a Final.

There is alot of talent in the DS homebrew scene.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to leave my thanks for an awesome program. I think this application is on the verge of being the best in the homebrew scene, and being the first with a working web browser is something to be proud of. I would bet with a little more work the web browser could be the quality of the opera web browser, or possibly better. I appreciate your work, and I respect if you make a decision to discontinue work on this project. If you do chose to discontinue I really hope you are able to get another knowledgeable coder to continue.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks. I googled DS and internet audio streams and wanted to thank you for your efforts. I'm sure this was a labor of love, and after reading through the asshole comment you received, I would understand how this lost its fun for you.

At least know that there are people who are appreciative for people like you.

Thanks again.

m-p{3} said...

Wow, I guess that after all these negative comments and harrassments you get, I understand why you dropped out the project, no matter how awesome it is.

To all of you who are partly responsible of what happened, I hope you are happy, you achieved what you wanted, now give the author a fucking break.

I wish you good luck on your future projects DragonMinded.

Callum said...

you are awesome you've got this far thats amazing. Fantastic app and thanks for all the work so far, i respect you guys doing nds homebrew, hard work anyway thanks dm i hope you success in future projects.

Xylos said...

Thank you for this great piece work! You're the best coder that I've seen so far on the DS Scene.. I hope to become a coder myself and have taken up studying some basic stuff so I can get ready to work on more complicated things such as yours! You're work and achievements on the DS Homebrew Scene will never be forgotten and I will always look up to you and tell every single person I know or don't even know how great DragonMinded really was...

Graham said...

I'm sorry that you've had crap from pirates and such. I think DSOrganize is fantastic and that you give it away is very magnanimous. I just wish Nintendo would sanction homebrew devices and help distribute homebrew legitimately at an affordable price - covering the distribution costs for them and giving some reward to developers who push the limits of Nintendo's hardware. Your program should be part of the official DS operating system, it is so good. Best wishes to you and remember for every vocal shitbag there are a thousand (or more) gratefully quiet and appreciative fans.

Little Professor said...

Wow. I can see how people harrassing you like that could get quite annoying! Why don't you just take a break, DragonMinded, and come back to working on DSOrganize later. I also notice that went down (as of this commet) because of some stupid hacker. I hope that hacker burns in hell! Anyways, I really must say, DSOrganize is the absolute best piece of homebrew I've ever come across! You should apply for a job with Datel or something. You definitely have the talent!

I'm really sad that you aren't working on DSOrganize anymore. I really hope you decide to continue improving on it! There may be a few jerks out there, and there may be some people who are too lazy to go to the Wiki like they should, but there are an amazing number of people who appreciate your work and love DSOrganize. I've e-mailed you once before I saw that you don't want e-mails, and for that I'm sorry.

I would like to point out one little problem with DSOrganize 3.2. Sometimes, I have to press SHIFT or CAPS twice before it takes effect on the virtual keyboard. That's the only thing preventing me from upgrading to 3.2. I hope you will consider fixing that bug when and if you decide to continue DSOrganize.

P.S. You should assign the task to other people to mantain the HBDB if you can't or don't want to. That way, we can get some homebrew apps/demos that aren't from 2007!

Please, DragonMinded, please don't let DSOrganize die! Don't let things like Team Stupidity stop you!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the hard work

Anonymous said...

DSorganize v3.2 and v3.1129 don't save settings or save anything. I'm using an original ds with action replay for dsi. Dsorganize runs but says that its needs to create a "DSOrganize" directory with default settings every time i start up.