Saturday, November 10, 2007

3.1 is Out!

Just letting everyone know that 3.1 is out. This, like 3.05, is mostly a maintenence release. In this version, I concentrated on fixing as many FAT related bugs as I possibly could find, and it should be much more stable for all cards concerned. I have also added support for deflate and gzip encoded web pages for the browser, resulting in pages that support these encodings loading much much faster. The plugin/executable architecture has been removed permanently as of this version, as it was extremely underused and took up space. Also gone is the resources file, and DSOrganize should boot faster now.

I am experimenting with screen orientations, and have added an option to rotate the orientation of the image viewer so that you can hold the DS sideways. If this is well recieved, I'll probably add a mode like this to to text viewer and web browser.

Direct Download
Support Site

This release has been tested working on GBAMP, MK2, MK3, GnM, and CycloDS Evo.


colbster said...

sweet, great job

Anonymous said...

Why does the downlaod come with moonshell.nds?

DragonMinded said...

Try reading the readme.

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Mmm, FAT bug fixes sound good. With 3.05 I kept having to recopy the files over from my computer because the web browser kept getting corrupted somehow.

Doc said...

DM I Love the new rotated screen setup, it would be awesome to have the entire system that way.

cory1492 said...

Just wanted to pop in and reiterate my thanks for picking up DSO again dragonminded, it has come a long way since it's roots :)

Dankredues said...

wow sweet!
i really love it!
i think it was a good step removing pluginsystem as it slows down my ds completly with 2 plugins.

And the rotate screen view- awesome!

god job :)
*waiting for next release*
Dankredues - (author of DS Mouse)

Franky said...

Hi Dragonminded !
I got severals problems with this release, specially with the web browser.

I tried to connect to Google, but it gave me a strange screen:

The temp file in "cache" directory isn't editable on my pc.

I'm using a supercard mini SD.

It doesn't work either with my R4 revolution : The page is downloaded, but the render freezes..

Best regards,

Francois Gilbert

João Vitor said...

Hi DM, nice update, the keyboard click sound is a great addition.
But i think the GZIP thing for the webbrowser broke it. I can't see any site i try, it renders some unorganized chars. Looks it can't download the entire documents and render just a little bit of it. Refreshin te page sometimes changes it, this way (like the 3rd refresh) i could see
Side view fr te imageviewer is a great thing also.
Keep it this good.

Anonymous said...

Dude - i like all the bugfixes, but maybe you could make it so DSO can update itself. that would be sweet.

Anonymous said...

great work!
but the web browser have problems

K-Duke said...

Thank you dragonminded.
DSO is simply the sweetest app for the DS out there.
The pages load much faster now and the Download options is just GREAT.
The only problem with this is, that most homebrew comes zipped >.<
The landscape image view is nice as well :-)
Good luck for your further development!

Anonymous said...

Hey DM, this is by far the best Homebrew out there! :-) Oh, I have a small request, would it be possible to add "Track Select" for the ".SID" music files, just like like you can with ".NSF" music files in DSO? With this ability added to ".SID" music files would be the best! Oh, and I am having the same web browser problem as Franky, and the type of card that I am using is an "AceKard R.P.G".

Anyway, thanks for your time!

Ade said...

hey dm do you think this is gonna work with the NEW M3 real with rumble/ram expansion?

cuz i dont wanna buy it if it's not going to work with the latest dso.
keep it up dude

Hebby said...

Love this application, been using it for a while now, like having the ds as a irc window while doing other things, havent tried 3.1 yet, but, sounds like some neat additions, however, i am worried that you are dropping support for plugins, i did actually write one for my own custom image format, and it'd be nice if there was an option to turn plugin support on/off or something in future versions, but, if this is how things must go, i guess ill have to keep a copy of 3.05 handy, using your plugin system just made things a hell of a lot easier than writing a complete application from scratch.

Anonymous said...

I can't download it

if i download it my winrar opens the file and i get error, and i only see a .gba.nds file

can u help?

Leonardo Zimbres said...

There are really bad problems when savind text files and recording wav files in supercard sd rumble.

sagosen said...

Lovely soft, this! Perfect for image viewing! :D

Only, my notes in the to-do list turns into button symbols when I exit, and no entries in the day planner or calendar are saved. I'm using R4DS with Sandisk 2gig Micro SD.

YaYo0 said...

sagosen probably you change de _monsddl_ and u are booting dso from the welcome screen in r4 i also had the same problem but now i start dso from the games options and is working without problems

sagosen said...

Yep, I tried that, and loading from the normal menu fixed my issues. So here's a feature request; Making it possible for DsOrganize to not mess up the letters when the executable is called _DS_MSHL.nds ;)

With that, I'd happily replace the moonshell. Oh, and why does some XM's not load, lack of memory?

YaYo0 said...

hi yeah i would like tu replace moonshell but i dont know why it does not work, and some hombrew dont load because de dlil patch of the r4 isnt good enough probably when they release a new firmware for r4 dso would load correctly the hombrew

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that one of the other DS browsers appears to have SSL working, and it's open source.
indicates that he fixed something to do with SSL in the latest version. I haven't actually tried it with Gmail or anything, but since you previously said you were trying to get Bronto to show you his SSL code you might want to know about this. He also has some sort of cookie support via a whitelist of cookies, to reduce cookie spam I assume.

Anonymous said...

Will it be compatible with the nintendo wifi usb connector?

SerenadedAbyss said...

I really like the new rotated screen feature... I hope that you keep it...

I am using right now on my DS as I type this out... the web browser is working better for me than it did in the last version. It is actually displaying the images now.

I am going to be use this more than moonshell now.

Anonymous said...

Quote: Anonymous said...
Will it be compatible with the nintendo wifi usb connector?

No, no homebrew is compatible with the nintendo wifi usb connector.
It can be, but you have to hack it into a soft-ap first. Google the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

In the browser I can't save .INI files and copy/paste with G6 Lite (V0.19 DLDI)
BTW it's fantastic :D

WB3000 said...

This program is awesome, you might want to do a few bug tests on the DS-X. This release just unrepairably corrupted my DS-Xtreme when downloading a file. Now I have an excuse to get a SuperCard DS One!

DragonMinded said...

I'm sorry that your DS-X is corrupted, but I can do nothing to fix their dodgy DLDI. Nor can I do anything about the fact that they have no recovery techniques. I also don't know where you guys get the notion that I actually own every card, but I don't, so I don't know how I could possibly test on DS-X.