Saturday, September 08, 2007

Month(?) of Bugs!

Well, seems like the feedback page doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. A lot of people report bugs with certain features or web sites, but they virtually ALWAYS leave out the way to reproduce the bug or which site they actually have trouble with. So, if you know a reliable and predictable way to crash DSOrganize, please let me know the steps so I can fix it.


Ibrahim Awwal said...

Perhaps you should use some sort of bug tracking system? Maybe some sort of hosted thing like google code or sourceforge, or maybe bugzilla like mozilla uses? I have no idea how any of those work, just suggestions. By the way, I think a general bug (although not your fault, I can see now why people said images without ram expansion was impossible) is that on sites with large amounts of images the DS freezes. Anyway, it's great for the most part really.

dark said...

dear dragon,
i tried retawq on ds linux and its rendering is instantaneous on my 64kbps slow connection....can you optimize dso to be like that?

badlysocialized said...

Setting the file browser as the default startup app used to crash DSOrganize on startup using both pre-DLDI M3 version (DSO 2.3?) and on my Supercard Lite as recently as DSO 2.8 (DLDI).

I can do some more testing if you can't replicate the bug.

Anonymous said...

DSO sometimes freezes when using the crappy slow 128 MB TF from the GnM.

Icey said...

for me atleast with 2.9 Setting File Browser To Default on startup on my Max Media Dock loads the calculator...minor bug. just tryin to help.

Anonymous said...

problems with dso running from my r4 on a ds lite black.

homebrew database downloads sometimes end corrupted.. e.g. the filesize will be zero. even though i can lauch the nds file. happened installing the metroid prime hunters demo.

also, touchscreen does not work for homebrew when launched by dso, if dso is launched via the r4's launcher.

Wyatt said...

I have the same problem as Icey i too set my default screen to file browser and it came up as calculator. if you could fix it that would be great :)

Anonymous said...

streaming mp3 freezes after several minutes

Paul said...

DSO freezes every time i load the scribble pad, without fail. i tried setting it as the load page, but it crashed while loading. :(

sometimes, the music streaming from the file browser also crashes.

Anonymous said...

mp3 streaming freezes sporadically (M3 simply)

Anonymous said...

Filebrowser always freezes. Im using DS Simply.

Anonymous said...

DSO once freezed when i was viewing a a 80kb txt file and there is a problem with scribble pad, sometimes it saves a bad file and when you try to launch scribble pad it will freeze, also the picture is un-viewable in the browser, im using GnM card

Anonymous said...

DS organize corrupts my card Using the Code Junkies Games-N-Music card. Also the mp3 playback freezes at random. The Web browser is sometimes flaky and takes a lil prodding to go to a page without displaying trash in the addy bar (even when my signal is 100%)I set the config.ini to disable writes but that makes the organizer almost useless since you cant save reminders or v cards. I think this app has potential but it needs tweaking.

Pas said...

it is datels game 'n' music card.

anyway, things I found being bad with the current DSO:

- copying is broken (outputs 0b)

- Soutcaststreaming is currently freezing sometimes (sometimes it buffers wonderfully up to 200 or more % until black lines start to cover the prog (just 3~5 on the touchscreen which remain after shuting down the streaming client) and if you keep up streaming DSO crashes (which is very likely after closing the shoutcast and doing any other action too)

- German sites like:
crash the web browser (you may want look into this browser: it should be open source)

- sometimes the browser crashes while loading much images

- booting homebrew from my M3 Simply does not work in the most cases using the Chishm loader (R4 Autopatches DS Homebrew)

This pretty much sums it up.

Anyway, I want to suggest some things too:

- mp3 streaming (you know, like someone suggestet, having links to .mp3 songs on a website, stuff them all in a .m3u file and let DSO stream them)

- get the DSO Webbrowser to recognize websites that end in .mp3 .zip .nds .nds.gba .bmp .whatever you can think of as a download and download the to a specific directory in the card

- Dual Slot support (ability to access Slot 1 and Slot 2 of the DS, you might want to look into this:

- add the disable write and disable AutoDLDI Patching to the Configuraion Page of DSO, so they can be changed on the fly

DragonMinded said...

Please explain to me how disabling writes could be on the fly. If writing is disabled, how does DSOrganize write the config?

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