Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Updates On Situation

So I am mistaken. Apparently the GPL does not allow me to do what I am doing. As long as the MediaCart releases their source code in it's entirity, it is legal for them to use all my code and sell it. Please don't harass them until it is found out whether or not they do this.


Boss said...

Ok. i think i will take down my sig in disgracing them in the forums i use. But i still believe you should get some of the profit or at least your name in the packaging or something like that. I think it dhould be call


I personally think the media cart wont sell well. Since if they wanted something for homebrew and pda usage they would have gotten a MMD or a GnM from bestbuy locally. Any flashcart is able to use the DSO, Moonshell, and LMP. So why buy this when you can buy better things in the market that have extra features.

Well i hope every think goes great for and i wish you luck. I wonder if LMP and moonshell creators have been getting pissed off like you.(I am not saying you shouldn't :), i would be REALLY PISSED!!)

It would be kinda funny if they uprade their firmware by just using you new releases.

Iwakura said...

Hey DragonMinded,
The MediaCart team has contacted me again, saying that things are going somewhat well between you two. The reason I would not close the video before was because I had an agreement with them, but now they are asking for the video to be hidden until things get cleared up permanently.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know because I feel you have a bigger say in this, whether its my video or not.
I'll be removing it as soon as I get your OK.

Ollie said...

look at there site!

robman84 said...

Frustrating for you, no doubt. Licences are tricky things and what sounds like logic to most of us (you do work and don't charge for it, someone else takes your work and charges for it) it does look like they might not be technically in the wrong. Morally, maybe, but not technically.

I hope you get a satisfactory resolution, and do please keep up the good work as DSO is now a must-have application for many of us.

Admittedly I'd like a better picture viewer (auto scaling) and also the addition of a video player :o)

Talon said...

Still sucks. Anyway, I noticed a bug on DSO 2.9 on my MMD:

When I was trying to change my startup on top screen in the config menu, I changed it past the last one and it said DSOrganize/help/english/config/start.txt and if you change something else in the config menu on that screen, it changes to the specific help file in the config menu for that specific option. Example: I change Time format to 24 hours and it changes startup screen to the help file for time.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think they ripped you off. You have already created near Net wide hate for the mediacard with NO BASIS.
The Card has features that also are in DSO!
Are you suing people that have created address book homebrew or apps that appear in DSO?
Unless you had source code proof, you should not have attacked these people.

Anonymous said...

Now that the DSO source has been taken off your site, DSO 2.9 is in violation of the GPL and "ripping off the hard work" of the GPL libraries it uses. Allegedly!

heartless said...

thats good news that you did get somewhere with them but the card does look kool fore a cheap homebrew/media solution its ust a shame the way they made there software

DragonMinded said...

Think they ripped me off? Not only do they have picture proof (look at the DSO configuration screen), but all menus are nearly identical, the GUI elements are unchanged, and the manufacturer himself told me his guys used my source code.

Steve said...

If you used the GPL license, so long as they release the source code, they can make money off your product, and don't owe you a dime.

I know it sucks, but people getting pissy about it doesn't change the fact that they're legally covered. Despite being an open source advocate myself, examples like this are why a lot of people mock the GPL. There is nothing in the license about asking for permission. And yes, the other anonymous is right. By pulling the source code, as far as my legal understanding goes, you are in violation of the GPL.