Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out of my Hands

So the MediaCard people are stating that they will relesae source under GPL, which is all they are legally required to do. Since I don't know of their integrity, I can only believe them at this point as I have no evidence to tell me not to. It's safe to say (at this point at least) that they are doing things legitimately and shouldn't be harassed. If you are using a banner that says not to buy the mediacart, please take it down, and don't harass them anymore. Hopefully this doesn't ruin their business in the future.

New Updates On Situation

So I am mistaken. Apparently the GPL does not allow me to do what I am doing. As long as the MediaCart releases their source code in it's entirity, it is legal for them to use all my code and sell it. Please don't harass them until it is found out whether or not they do this.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Work Stolen

So a new flash cart called the media cart is coming out soon, and it appears they have ripped my work from DSOrganize and are now selling it in a commercial package. Not only was I not notified of this, but they are making money off of my hard work. Please pass it on not to buy this device. Video proof here. I have tried emailing them about it, but they don't even have a working email. If you look here, they were even lazy enough to include a screenshot of my original configuration.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DSOrganize 2.9 NeoFlash Released!

I've entered DSOrganize into the NeoFlash competition. Hopefully this competition will be a little better run than GBAX. Head on over to the NeoFlash Forums to grab the latest source. To have a look-see at what was added, read up on the wiki. Highlights of this revision include simple image and css support on the browser, sndh playback, wav and sid file enhancements, and a ton of bugfixes and interface tweaks! I hope you guys enjoy this release.

Also, thanks to everyone who helped me to afford my new computer. It's been so nice developing on a machine that can compile quickly!