Sunday, July 22, 2007

Games & Music Compatibility

I have recently come into posession of a GnM to test on thanks to TheMikaus on the gbadev forums. As a result, I've figured out why it needs to be renamed to bootme.nds in order to function. Also, after fiddling and talking to chishm, I realized that booting with the Chishm loader works IF you are using version 1 of the dldi. For all of you out there where booting doesn't work or works partially, grab the new load.bin from the post below this, and patch with version 1 of the dldi (available off of my wiki or on the dldi wiki) and you should be set with booting.


Doc said...

"Woo Hoo!!!!" DM you ROCK now my GnM will boot everything I put on the card
(nothing over 2.5mb before)

Anonymous said...

So will you fix the problem of bootme.nds? If you do, that means if will more than likely fix on the Max Media Dock.

Anonymous said...

sorry to bother you but in DSOrganice a message pop up and say "DSOrganice has run out of memory please contact..."so that's what happened to me every time i try to open DSOrganice folder and after some websites, i apologize if you already know that, anyway thanks the strtup sound rocks!

Anonymous said...

can someone give me the link for dldi version1 i can't find it

sorry, i just can't see it on either the wiki or his homepage

Anonymous said...


Telemachus said...

Amazing update. Love the web browser-- Hasn't corrupted my DS-X at all! Great great great. Will homebrew launching for the DS-X ever be fixed though?

Anonymous said...

Nice job on DSO DM. Some suggestions-


*Pictures in .html or web browser.

*Ability to download .nds/zip/rar from internet via web browser

*.nds to dso plugin converter

*home screen background image

*streaming m3u's

*playing mp3's off the browser

*hbdb dling mp3 (like elevator music)

*loading screen


*adding a mouse?

*making configuration and hbdb a shortcut like all the rest of the dso apps

and what happened to dso main screen?

and what's this about gnm dso version 2.8 "can now load .nds files"?

Firebert said...

By version 1 of the DLDI, do you mean the file named gmtf.dldi? If so, does gmtf2.dldi work as well?

Firebert said...

Sorry to bother you again, but how do you set the default bootloader? I don't see anywhere it in the CONFIG file.

DragonMinded said...

By version 1 I mean version 1. Why would I have specified a version if it worked with both?

Anonymous said...

When I try to boot DSO on my GnM, I can't get past the screen that says "Initializing DSOrganize", and it says "trying SuperCard SD" How can I fix this? thanks.

Fantasma del Caribe said...

I got one step closer this time (me thinks). My M3 Simply now states "Attempting to launch your file with the Chishm loader." (did not say that before). So, does the web browser work after you launch a wifi nds file from within dso?

Anonymous said...

Hey DM, long time no see! Great job on the new version of Chishm's loader. I'm going to buy a GnM now witht the money from selling my MMD. I'm gettin a 4th flashcart! Yeeeeeah Boooyz!

Anonymous said...

I still can't load it on mine, with bootme.nds or without. I have a Lexar 1GB microSD. That's probably the problem. It seems to work fine on the 128MB card that came with it.