Monday, May 07, 2007

DSOrganize 2.7 Final Out!

This is a minor maintenence release. The two big things on this release are dldi auto-patching, and the fix for some mp3s and most mp3 streams skipping. Head to to grab the latest package.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Keep up the good work. Just one question: how do I use the dldi autopatcher?

JLsoft said...

DragonMinded, would you please consider making the multiple-space-stripping in the IRC client a toggle setting in the .INI or something?

Always stripping them can break formatting for some things and make them almost unreadable, so it'd be nice to have the option to disable the stripping for those that'd like to. :)

DragonMinded said...

jlsoft: No. Virtually all clients strip spaces on send and recieve. In fact, the only client that I know of that renders multiple spaces is DSOrganize anyway. Meaning, your formatting is only seen by you and anyone else on DSOrganize, and is just plain annoying to anyone else.

notdsk said...

hey does this work on psp? thanks brah nice work

Jeff said...

hey just wonderin if this works on psp? lemme know brah tyx man good work

JLsoft said...

What full clients other than mIRC do you know of that strip multiple spaces? (Plus mIRC only does that when using a script where lines are processed and passed through a variable)

BitchX/ScrollZ/IRSSI definately don't...not sure of semi-clients like Trillian though :/

Anonymous said...

Hi by virtually all clients do you mean all clients besides


Advanced IRC


















IRC Gold

IRC Messenger







Miranda IM
















TurboIRC 2000




Winsock IRC






JLsoft said...

D'oh, never mind...I totally forgot that DSO uses a proportional font for IRC so any of the monospaced formatting I was hoping to preserve wouldn't show up right anyway :)

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Hey what is the dldi autopatcher and how do you use it? Unfortunately, my R4DS is in transit for a replacement because of the stupid spring loading problem, they really need to fix that. Had it for 3 weeks before the microSD slot spring died. Nice job anyway, if this is what I think it is then that's awesome. Does this mean that there can be one unified homebrew database? I'm not sure how it works, but before when I tried using it I only saw official demos and no homebrew.

Nick Spacek said...

Question: What kind of bear is best?

Question: Has the Supercard launcher been updated? I'll check it out anyways when I get a chance, but my SC Lite hasn't been able to launch NDS files, which is too bad! :)

Thanks for another update, much appreciated.

Ludo6431 said...

@ Nick Spacek : The launcher is very good for me, only with NDS files ( no .sc.nds, no .ds.gba ) !!!!
I think it's only the use that it have to do !!!

Very good work Dragonminded !
The web browser it's very good but with a download function it will be .................

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to use the DLDI autopatcher? I dont know ho to use it.

Alex said...

You have to use the Chishm loader to use the DLDI auto patcher.

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Oh by the way, does this work with wifi settings in the 2nd slot? I've only tried it at home but I want to try it at school when I get my R4 back, I finally got the proper manual setup for my school's wifi (it has really weird ip addresses and dns servers) but i dont want to have to delete my home settings and put the new ones in slot 1.

DragonMinded said...

To those wondering how to activate the autopatcher: ITS AUTOMATIC, hence the AUTO in autopatcher.

@alex: no, it works with any loader.

Cow-boy said...

okiwi will be out in 4 days from now, alpha 2 ...i cant wait

Darig0n said...

uh what do u need too makie the browser too view topics on gamefaqs and will it be in next update?also err sorry for suggestions but can make irc client like a aim/irc like log in aim and talk on irc at the same time?

either way great hombrew i use this probably the most.You should be a game developer.Cant wait till next release you the best

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Uh, I just reformatted my card, and put only DSO and a test DLDI compatible homebrew (DSaim 0.03) adn tried launching it and nothing happened, it just failed. Are we still supposed to copy over the exec_stub.bin from the zip (R4DS)? Should we put a DLDI file somewhere?

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Oh nevermind, the patching worked, it's just that DSO for some reason no longer can load .nds files. I loaded a file with DSO, then it said there is no built-in loader, and then I rebooted and launched the .nds file from the main OS and it ran fine. Nice job. But now I'm confused as to why the loader doesn't work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know. I'm having some errors during mp3 playback using my EZflash V.

Changing the play style while the mp3 is playing freezes the app, and leaving the lid closed while playing for too long will also kill the app and leave the ds with dark screens.

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the next version
thanks DM
great Job
keep it up ma.

joey said...

did you know that on dsorganize web browser I was abkle to visit a phpbb 3 forum, login, and stay logged in? I was able to post pms! :D
great work !:)
continue working as you are now ;)

Anonymous said...

Great work, but on my supercard the HBDB only provides demos, is it normal ? Does it possible to see directly on your website the content of the HBDB ? I've trid to create an account in youngMX forums to discuss about that but I havn't receive the activation mail yet.

Thanks for your answer

Shawn said...

I think I found a bug!

When visiting a link of the form:

The first & and everything after it seems to be stripped off the link.

At least, it does it with all of the pages and such I've written ~ I haven't tested it against any "real" websites and perhaps I just suck at basic html/php.