Monday, April 16, 2007

On Images

I'm making it official that for now, DSO Web Browser will stay text only. This means image support is on PERMANENT HIATUS. Please DO NOT ask me about images in the browser, if I ever consider adding this feature, I will do so when I have time.


Anonymous said...

That's a pity. I'd be interested how it would rack up against links on DSLinux, that has graphics now. Woops, did I dare you now? ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the images, what about the forms and css? At least we could have some colours instead of images.And they are more important than images at this stage.

HHunter said...

I think the same, images doesn't mater, but are you going to do forms?

Thaks for all your work.

kyle said...

yeah not having images doesn't really matter... who really need to have images anyone on a portably internet browser? i think portable internet browsers should stay for informations and email anyway. but i agree with the anony dude.. being able to fill in forums would be nice to have so we can search things on google and wiki

Anonymous said...

No pictures? No problem. You the boss, you call the shots. :D

As long as there's a working browser, I can't see why anyone should complain. Keep up the good work! :D

Talool1 said...

DargonMinded U R A GOD!!!!!!1
I think image support is not really needed....BUT
it will be very good if you will add a LINKs support

Philipp said...

And there are not many good textbrowsers and none for the ds. I have the DS Opera Browser for pages with images. But the loading of them ist very slow. So I think of it as a very good thing, that you do not support images in first place. But try to get a good form-support. If you want a text-browser where you can look for possibilities: try lynx . (For Linux)

Great nintendoDS Lover said...

Hi,I was the one who posted anonymously in the second post, because I was at school at that time.

I am of the opinion that forms and css are better than images.

But what if images are displayed as a link and then click on it, it downloads, and opens with DSorganise like opening an image saved on the card?

I think it would be feasible to do? no..?

Great nintendoDS Lover said...

I have just seen the forms progress video on youtube and it seems to go on REALLY WELL!! Nice form interface btw.

I am really awaiting the forms version release(Hopefully soon near us :D). Wish you a good day man!

Anonymous said...

How about place-holders for img tags that include width/height information? This would help with layout problems, but might be restrictive on the small screen(s) of the DS (you could consider scaling in this case too).

Anonymous said...

I agree - lynx has been around for how long (15 years?) without graphics? Forms are significantly more important! I look forward to the next developments.

NecroBlade said...

Nice, DragonMinded. Keep up the good work. Guess Treikens pushed a button too many eh? :-)

mrlanrat said...

I love DSO, keep up the good work!

but i do have to comment on a little pattern that iv noticed.

1. DM leaves DS scene (he says forever)
2. DM returns to the DS scene
3.DM says he will never incorporate a browser into DSO.
4. DM adds a browser.
5. says that it will not support images
6. given some time... who knows what will happen ;)

DragonMinded said...

The only problem with your pattern is I've never said I woudln't put in a browser. The browser has been on the list of requested features for about a year now.

Gunnex said...

The people who want images are probably going to use it for porn ;)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are in the DS Scene dragonminded. Thanks for all your work and dedication.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! DSO does not NEED images. Forms is about all that's missing. If I can, for example, login to Slashdot, I'll be happy.

BTW, a suggestion: At the moment, if a page is too big, it just spazzes out and says "Screw you". Would it be possible to truncate the page and just show that? Since it chokes horribly on some Digg pages right now where lots of idiots have posted:)

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Hi, I'm fine with going for forms and CSS way before you even think of images, but I'm just wondering, is anyone else having weird link clicking issues? When I click on a link on this blog's main page to go to a specific post, it goes to'
which obviously is a malformatted link and doesn't work. I'm not sure if this happens on other sites, but it would be nice if someone else could confirm this.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a nag, and I know you've specifically told us not to ask, but any chance someone else could implement a plugin to allow image browsing on cards with RAM?

Else, any chance you could support image download and saving to the card without actually displaying it on the browser? I can think of a few reasons that being able to at least obtain images on the go might be useful.

If I'm pissing you off then feel free to pretend I don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Form me the list of needed elements are:
1- show text "already support"
2- links
3- forms
4- cookies
5- download files
6- table
7- css (could be very limited for exemple size and color)
8- javascript
9- images

Anonymous said...

First you do a great work with DSOrganizer.

Personnaly for my work I had to create a little web-robot.

To be able to simulate a web-browser, you have to trade well with:
- POST and GET parameter -> FORM
- Cookies
- Http Redirection

Bravo again for all your work

Anonymous said...

Well, of course we'd use it for porn! What, you thought we would actually want to research things and use it for forums and stuff? Lawl.

Duck said...

screw graphics, as far as i'm concerned gopher was way better than html

Goner said...

Is there a way to open local HTML files in the web browser ?

If not, it would be nice if the file browser supported links !

Got some HTML help files on my M3Simply that are linked to each other ...

savior said...

ah o well. as long as he keeps improving it in other ways. I'd love to click on links with the stylus :)

maybe now he might have the time to fix the online music streaming txt. Since i listen to a few stations with very long names in their titles, it gets cut off or it overlaps with other txt.

_err0r_ said...

I don't think having images allowed for DS web browsing is smart anyway. Too laggy, really. Unless you have extra RAM.

Besides that, I already told you what feeature I wanted in the new DSO (it better be there, or I'm gonna finger some ports, man.)

SyaoranLi said...

To the people interested on images in browser use it... I will use too, but continue waiting the DSO browser bcause is faster and DSO rulezzzz ;)