Friday, April 27, 2007

2.7 and Source Released!

Hey folks. Just popping in to let you know that DSOrganize 2.7 and the source for 2.7 have been released. I gave up waiting for you guys to find the easter egg because noone bothered to try hard enough. Version 2.7 includes a web browser with forms support. As always, get it on

To access the easter egg: Make sure you have a proper install, because resource0.bin is required. Edit your sound.dat file so that the only character is a questionmark (?), and then save it. Start DSOrganize up, go to the main screen, and press start (normally pulls up the about screen). I decided to give up waiting for you guys to find it because you were taking so long that its becoming irrelevant.

To compile the source: I don't know why the hell you would need to do this. DSOrganize already includes DLDI support and you know my stance on modifications. If you absolutely must compile it, you need all four libraries off of my site, as well as DKA r17. DO NOT INCLUDE DSORGANIZE IN YOUR FLASHCARD COMMERCIALLY WITHOUT PERMISSION. Basically, do not make me regret putting this out.

For those who had alpha 3, this is what changed on the browser:

- Added link color changing when you click or if it's visited.
- Added very simple utf-8 support for some sites (no extended codepages).
- Added anchors.
- Made links more sensitive to clicking.
- Added forms support.
- Fixed & problem in some URLs.
- Fixed non breaking spaces ( ,  ) showing up as '?'.
- Fixed bullets and dashes on wikipedia for all fonts.
- Fixed html rendering for sites with bad tables.

Just a reminder...What works:
- Normal HTML rendering
- Clicking links
- Server redirects
- Forward/Back history
- Basic caching
- Forms

What doesn't:
- Cookies
- Images
- Meta Tags
- Javascript and CSS


Superrob said...


Finaly Thx DragonMinded :)

zumito said...

Good job!

Randy said...

HAWT! Awesome, thanks DragonMinded!

Great nintendoDS Lover said...

Nice release DragonMinded. Finally the browser supports forms, and the easter egg was opened too.

You also fixed alot of things, and hopefully now you may have some more chance to focus on the development of the browser.

You are simply great, and nobody can say the contrary!!!

Duck said...

great stuff, initial load time on supercard SD greatly reduced, any small inconsistancies I had noticed in the alpha releases seem to be gone.

definitely shows the difference in quality to be expected between an alpha and a final release.

fael said...

wow! cool! i was looking forward to see how you'd manage the forms, it's looking pretty cool!

keep up the good job!

Falcon said...

Great work DM!

Ivan said...

What you've done is amazing. Your browser is shaping up very nicely.

Antoine said...

Thanks Dragon for all !
All your work on 2.7, source and easter...

You should take a break :)
I will keep on translating a doing HBDB things :) (maybe my own hbdb with all french homebrews)

Anonymous said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaa
thats what m talking about boy., Now u are really the best.
Dm, why dont you signed a contract with nintendo officially so you can develop some cool app for the nintendo ds, cuz its seems that you are pretty cool , i love you man, *well i'm not gay*. bu tyou are pretty cool, hey, keep it up ma,

Anonymous said...

but guys, what the hell IS THE EASTER EGG? God m confuese, uis it a chicken egg animation or what

Anonymous said...

Great and the source too.
But .... sorry to tell you it freezes on R4DS then trying ot open filebrowser or browser. Did work with 2.7a3 though. (yes I DLDI patched the nds)

darig0n said...

awsome dude just how do i log in i cant tell wat is what too submit my log in help (maxconsole forums and

Anonymous said...

You are simply THE BEST :D
comment for person above: cookies don't work, so you can't login + javascript neither so, you can't login ;)

great release :D

Ibrahim Awwal said...

Nice job, and it works fine on my R4DS. Does logging in to sites work at all? I'm trying to log in to facebook right now and it's just been loading and loading. Anyone else tried logging in to any sites? I think session based logins might work, and most big sites probably do use that for cookieless users anyway. I'm going to try logging in to digg and other stuff and see what happens. Too bad the main purpose of this, using it at school, is kind of wasted because I can't get onto my school's WLAN for some reason, although I am connected but no wifi of any sort works. I know they have a firewall that blocks all ports except 25 (FTP) and 80 (HTTP) so games shouldn't work, but the web browser should work so I'm not sure what's wrong. I had to manually enter the configuration to connect so I think I need to check the dns servers from someone's laptop and match those up properly. Anyway, nice job.

Anonymous said...

GO Dragonminded!!!!!! I want to have your babies!

Fenrir said...

Nice DM! Always impressive. Like the egg BTW that tune is pretty catchy lol

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome! But I'm confused because I put it on my M3 lite but it won't work. What does this support? I added the and it checks for supercard but I don't have supercard. Then I put the regular one on but it won't even open up.

p3189 said...

doesn't work wifi with ndsl + sclr only wifi. i have a wireless router. and already use game setup the wifi.

Anonymous said...

thanks, very nice!
worked fine on R4.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, DragonMinded!

I am having an error with the exec_stub.bin file. I am trying to load Moonshell via DS Organize Shortcut with the patched exec_stub.bin file from your website.

I get this error:
"There is no built in bootloader for your card. Please configure the bootloaders in the configuration screen"

I don't know how to fix it!

Kyobinbou said...

Dude, you are most righteous and awesome :D

Love your works and it's making my life simple.

Loved the easter egg too ;)

Keep up the Good Work and i'll be studying the source for DSO, will come in handy for me when I make my own homebrew :D

Duck said...

Just hafta say, if the average DSOrganize user is who's supposed to be able to figure out how to access the easter egg, then suddenly I feel below average.

I'm sorry for being below average

Anonymous said...

Hey! it works great except that the webbrowser now won't load any page, just keeps looping
and looping
and looping
and looping
and looping
until it crashes
(suercard SD, firmware 1.7)
others do work though, thanks mate :D

Markus said...

Am I the only one who hoped the easter egg was an updated version of Happy Cat?