Friday, April 27, 2007

2.7 and Source Released!

Hey folks. Just popping in to let you know that DSOrganize 2.7 and the source for 2.7 have been released. I gave up waiting for you guys to find the easter egg because noone bothered to try hard enough. Version 2.7 includes a web browser with forms support. As always, get it on

To access the easter egg: Make sure you have a proper install, because resource0.bin is required. Edit your sound.dat file so that the only character is a questionmark (?), and then save it. Start DSOrganize up, go to the main screen, and press start (normally pulls up the about screen). I decided to give up waiting for you guys to find it because you were taking so long that its becoming irrelevant.

To compile the source: I don't know why the hell you would need to do this. DSOrganize already includes DLDI support and you know my stance on modifications. If you absolutely must compile it, you need all four libraries off of my site, as well as DKA r17. DO NOT INCLUDE DSORGANIZE IN YOUR FLASHCARD COMMERCIALLY WITHOUT PERMISSION. Basically, do not make me regret putting this out.

For those who had alpha 3, this is what changed on the browser:

- Added link color changing when you click or if it's visited.
- Added very simple utf-8 support for some sites (no extended codepages).
- Added anchors.
- Made links more sensitive to clicking.
- Added forms support.
- Fixed & problem in some URLs.
- Fixed non breaking spaces ( ,  ) showing up as '?'.
- Fixed bullets and dashes on wikipedia for all fonts.
- Fixed html rendering for sites with bad tables.

Just a reminder...What works:
- Normal HTML rendering
- Clicking links
- Server redirects
- Forward/Back history
- Basic caching
- Forms

What doesn't:
- Cookies
- Images
- Meta Tags
- Javascript and CSS

Friday, April 20, 2007

IRC Channel Moving

If you are a regular in DSOrganize IRC, please configure your client to connect to #dsorganize now. We have moved from freenode due to its lack of features.

Monday, April 16, 2007

On Images

I'm making it official that for now, DSO Web Browser will stay text only. This means image support is on PERMANENT HIATUS. Please DO NOT ask me about images in the browser, if I ever consider adding this feature, I will do so when I have time.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

To celebrate Easter, I will give you guys a big hint on the easter egg:

  • It has to do with sound.dat
  • Try characters, not numbers
  • The sound screen itself has no easter egg.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

On Gnirfleo

(Crossposted to gbadev)

All this crap about gnirfleo has more than pissed me off. Not only has it stolen legitimate attention from real browsers that actually work on the DS, such as links, retawq, and my own browser (hopefully soon Okiwi too), but it is damaging the community. Flat out lying and linking to other files is the sleaziest way possible to gain attention for your own games. I am looking forward to the day where another new gnirfleo rumor post doesn't pop up on three separate forums.

Do you know how annoying it is to get users telling me to stop working on my browser because gnirfleo is better? Not only is it not out, but you don't even know if it's real or if the promises made will be realized, yet I still get people telling me I should stop wasting my time and just use gnirfleo as the browser.

You guys need to stop acting like sheep. Stop reposting the same crap about gnirfleo and stop giving that fake of a homebrewer attention. As far as I'm concerned, it shouldn't even get mentioned until an actual NDS file is released that does what's promised. I cannot believe the amount of real homebrew that is being pushed aside and ignored for another delay update that's posted on the gnirfleo blog. For crying out loud, many people still don't know that DSOrganize Alpha has been able to browse the web for two weeks, let alone about dslinux, yet we get 1000's of posts on the gnirfleo comments stating that they love him and his work.

tl;dr - STFU about gnirfleo.