Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Minor Update Out

Roger pointed out to me in #dsorganize today that when switching to German, the browser stopped functioning correctly. Well, after 5 hours of tracking this new damn bug, I finally found it in a puny function that draws the home button. In the process, however, I discovered a major flaw in loading the IRC and config ini files. I have put this update out to correct the flaw and to add support for a few more card types. Head over to the FAQ to see how to get your particular card working.

For those of you who want DSOrganize as your shell, it IS possible to also patch the exec_stub.bin file to allow DSOrganize to properly boot your files. Head over to the FAQ (again) to check out the instructions.


Anonymous said...

Just updated to your 2.41 files, patched both exec_stub.bin and DSOrganize.nds again to work with Supercard DS One (which is a slot 1 card btw. not like the other Supercard slot 2 cards you already listen in your compatibility chart).

Everything within DSOrganize is working fine. File browsing now works also on my slower microSD flash card. Loading other apps still gives me "Initalizing FAT.
Interface: Unknown Interface.
Please wait, booting your file.
For some reason, the file was not loadable." (Is the interface supposed to be "unknown" even after patching?)

Thanks! -Datschge

Anonymous said...

Great to see that the development of this great homebrew continues.

I have a problem with the latest version (2.41 beta), if I start it on my SC SD I get an error message, that my flash card is not supported. But in the faq you say, that SCSD support is build in?

Anonymous said...

Not booting on SC Rumble light. I get something about not supported flashcard (when I use SCSD DLDI patch it hangs on dancing cow without saying about unsupported flashcard :)), version 2.4 works fine but no saving.

Even so good work :)

Best regards kejtu

Anonymous said...

Great job. I can't save anything in the program with my Supercard Lite. For example, I can't save preferences and copy & paste works in the interface but next time I boot, the file isn't here anymore. I've tryed to path the sc.nds file with DLID patch for Supercard SD and de program halt al load (with a funny cow :P).

Anonymous said...

I think I've found a problem. Yesterday I updated to 2.4 just fine, but 2.41 refuses to boot on my Supercard SD, says my card is not supported by Chishm's library.

I tried patching with the SCSD DLDI driver, but it won't work at all...

As a side note, DSFTP 2.4 works, but using the default SC CF driver. Patching it to use the SC SD driver breaks it. Is this a major failure in the DLDI implementation or is the error on my side?

Thanks! - Raingna

PS: And keep up the good work, man!

Anonymous said...

I love this. Finally working on my M3 SD!

Patched the DSOrganize.nds file with the dldi tool, and it works brilliantly. Sittin back with my DS Lite hooked up to my audio system streaming some of my favorite metal internet stations. You rock dude!

Anonymous said...

sorry to ask

i try to make thai Languages. but it can't show thai font

how to set thai font in DSOrganize ?

thx :)

Anonymous said...

I make some icons,how can I give to you?
Wind Boy