Saturday, January 13, 2007

DSOrganize 2.45 Out!

Well, I've put out another maintenence release, fixing a few crash bugs and one playback bug, as well as adding a DSO executable format! It is very similar to a plugin but runs standalone instead of attached to a specific set of extensions. Check it out here and download the newest beta! Don't forget to grab the newest wonderswan plugin as the update has added new features to the plugin framework and thus will not work with older plugins!

Head to the newly opened Addons Page to grab stuff designed for DSOrganize. If you want to see your creation on this page and I haven't found it while trolling the forums yet, email me at and I'll slap it up there for you.

Also, please read my post on the GBADev forums about DSOrganize file formats.

PS. There is a new libFB out as well, with some bugfixes, optimizations to the text rendering engine, and and overall code cleanup. BONUS: Documentation!


Anonymous said...

Just tested it, this version indeed workswith Supercard SD.

Thanks a lot for creating this incredible piece of code. I'm sure we will end up seeing lot of DSEs in a not too distant future... ;D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the work DragonMinded, you rock!

I have a EZV, and DSOrganize doesn't work if I patch the kernel. Well, i'm not sure about that and I want to know if there will be a version of DSOrganize that doesn't need to pacht the kernel, only the .nds file.

Thanks for all, i'm sorry about my english, spanish here. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Oh, something more: Because I'm spanish, in my e-books I need some special characters like á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, etc...

These characters doesn't appears correctly in the .txt files. There is a solution or an option that I need to activate to read them well?

Thanks, again ;)

Anonymous said...

ok dragonmind. i am so happy for the firmware the gbamp released for the gbamp sd. remember it doesnt support homebrew before but right now it now supprt homebrews and i am asking to plz and plz will it be able to support the gbamp sd so for that it support gbamp cf very well or do you have to write an entirely new source for it?
i will really appreciate it thax
oh i more thing i love ds organize.keep up the good world
do you mind giving me one of your child?plz? lol.

Anonymous said...

do you eeven know that the gbamp "sd" is now supporting homebrew? and so far your projects works fine with the cf gbamp so i am predicting that it can also work with the gbamp sd right?

Anonymous said...

I just found out you can listen radio streams, this is the app i was wainting for.
Thank you sooo much this makes the ds the coolest thing on earth (and dsorganize the coolest app :)

-love Wybren

Cygoku said...

PLEASE, fix the Supercard Lite PROBLEM! Mine is freezing when it tries the Supercard DS driver,...

Cygoku said...

PLEASE, fix the Supercard Lite PROBLEM! Mine is freezing when it tries the Supercard DS driver,...

Nick Spacek said...

This is something I'm going to try to work on some using the exec function that Mighty Max developed (that's what DSO uses now eh?): patching an .nds "on the fly" for DLDI. I haven't worked a whole lot with C/C++ or NDS homebrew so I dunno if it's possible, but I don't see why it wouldn't be. Anyone have any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Master InuYasha here again, nice update. I am wondering if it is possible for you to integrate .txt or .lrc lyrics reading while playing music files? Like, when I play an .ogg file, and if there is a fule named the same with a .txt or .lrc as the extension, it loads and plays it? Kinda like in Moonshell? Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

I make some icons for DSO.You can get it from here:“”

Anonymous said...

You can get some icons for DSO from here:

Anonymous said...

Great prgram. Works great on MMD with DLDI. One prob though. I can only launch programs downloaded from 'Homebrew Database'. I could even help you test for the sake of Max Media users.

Anonymous said...

can someone plz talk about the support for gbamp sd plzzzzzzzzzzzzz????????/

Gideon said...

Do you have any plans for PDF viewing in the future? Do you know of any other DS apps with PDF support? I'm going to be getting an M3 Simply soon and am really looking forward to using your fine piece of software. It looks great. PDF viewing would be the icing on the icing on the cake ;). I have a book for one class that includes PDF versions of several previous editions, and it would be awesome if I could view them on my DS during class, since my teacher tends to teach out of the previous editions.

Thank you for creating a truly amazing piece of homebrew. I can hardly wait to enjoy it ^^.

Anonymous said...

Just tested it in SCDS One, everything's as before (with both the .nds and the exec_stub patched with the fitting dldi driver of course). The message when trying to boot another app (NitroTracker) now seems to include debug code tho so I hope this may help:
"Initalizing FAT.
Interface: Unknown interface.
Please wait, booting your file.

Normal file.
1: 200 2400000
2: 2000000 635F8
3: 63800 37F8000
4: 37F8000 F5CC
-> 635F8
-> F5CC


@gideon: I'm pretty sure there is way too few memory to render PDF files directly as they usually consist of plenty vector graphics and huge images. A DS is barely capable of displaying bigger images without constantly re-decoding parts again and again.

Anonymous said...


DragonMinded said...

EZ5 currently isn't supported as I can't test. Possibly there will be future updates that work flawlessly.

The characters mentioned (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ) are all present in DSOrganize. Use ascii, not utf for now as DSOrganize doesn't read UTF-8/16 files.

@valentine and mister happycaps: Have you tried the gbamp sd dldi?

@cygoku: Hey, weren't you the one saying shit about me on the gbatemp forums? ;P Try getting the supercard sd dldi patch from chishm's site or moonshell and see if that solves the issue.

I can't download those icons as they require logging in, and I can't read chinese. ;P

@Datschge: The exec_stub is freezing for you on the arm7 clear loop. Mighty max will _HOPEFULLY_ eventaull come out with a fix for this.

roxymusic said...

Thanks a lot for great work DragonMinded, you rock!

I have a supercard slot 1, and DSOrganize doesn't work
I don't know how to use patch that i download from your FAQ's

Yy said...

DragonMinded: i've upload those icons here, you may go and have a check if needed...

BTW, is there any possibility to enable Eastern Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Kroean) character displaying by any means? (such as plugins) Is it related with CODE PAGEs? please help.

Last question: is there any possibility to run a turboC compiler on Nds? I want to learn some TC but i dont have my own computer, so were there any possibility, please tell me...

Thanks for reading so much.

Nick Spacek said...

I believe there's a C compiler working on DSLinux, so it'll be a pain to do but you probably can make it work. ;)

Ankhwatcher said...

Is there a guide to using the irc function it doesn't work on mine.

Anonymous said...

Hej DM,

first of all nice work and Im glad you continue with DSO! I would like to report the following: DSO seems to crash on my SC SD when I change the configuration. Than the whole .ini file is corrupted so DSO doesnt boot anymore. Just wanted you to know. :)

Keep up the work, Im in love with your app!

Anonymous said...


At look for Patching software(dlditool), pick Win32 GUI Download, extract and start the tool and tell it to apply scds.dldi to your dsorganize.nds file.

Anonymous said...

ok guys i have used the DlDI ting and when i boot up the DsoRganize it says:

"Initializing DSOrganize
Trying Patched Driver"

And then the dog started to dance on and on without freezing or stopping....i waited,waited, and waited it just stays like that...
maybe the gbamp sd is ....i just dont know....

Anonymous said...

dragonminded,what is wrong with the gbamp sd,i read many complaint that it does not support dsorganize even with the dldi ,is there something you could do (even if the gbamp sd does not support write to the card)

Gideon said...

Just thought I'd post another comment. I got my M3 Simply and DSOrganize works great! The only thing I've had problems with were booting homebrew from within (but I can just boot them from the Simply shell anyway). Also, I'm having trouble connecting to IRC and the Homebrew Database from my home connection, but I'm thinking I just need to tweak my router settings. IRC and HD work fine at my college's open wireless connections. This truly is a great piece of software.

Also, I was reading back over your older posts. I hadn't realized what you had gone through. I've had similar experiences online in the past, so I really feel for you. I'm glad you've come back to continue such an amazing hobby :D.

I'll look forward to further compatibility in the future, but I'm more than happy with things now (hey, it's free!).

Leonardo Zimbres said...

Very thanks for the new update. One of the best homebrews to ds.

Leonardo Zimbres said...

Any chance to do a better draw aplication like davr draw?f

Leonardo Zimbres said...

another thing! check out my blog, on my recent posts are some of draws did on ds organize,,

Anonymous said...

i can not beleive that dragonminded just ignore me

Martin said...

Thanks for your new version DragonMinded, I like the features I read about.. but I can't get it working on EZ4 just yet..

I've used the DLDI patch on the exec_stub and the .nds version of DSO, but it just won't boot, at all.
I've tried a pre-compiled .bin version of DSo 2.3 and that would run, so would Moonshell 1.6.

But the patched .nds version (I let the extension bee .nds) doens't run.. (I don't even get to the cow, stuck in EZ menu)

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

Tu trabajo es excelente, me gustaria aprender a hacer algo así.
Ahora tengo un organizador genial en mi DS, lo que más ocupo es el Browser, es genial. You rock!!!

El único problema es que no aparecen los caracteres que ocupamos los que hablamos en español como la ñ, o las tildes (á,é,í,ó,ú) o la de pingüino.

Gracias en todo caso espero que sigas adelante con este proyecto.

Shawn said...


I just got a new DSLite and Supercard DS(one), and DSOrganize works great! With one exception:

The wireless appears to work, but intermittently at best and I am not able to finish any downloads from the homebrew database. Also, the list only ever contains (DEMO) files and dsDoom.

I've had problems with other homebrew software as well, and I think the problem is that the newer DS Lites need the latest dswifi version (0.3c, though I think there is even a d version available.) DSLiveWeather for example, which uses this latest version, works flawlessly.

So, any word on when you'll be including the latest wifi stuff? Or perhaps you will want to wait until the next major release.

Anyway, thanks for such a great program. I can't wait to make use of the homebrew database; I think this (along with the ability to easily write plugins) could make DSO quite the "killer app."


Anonymous said...

exactly that what is happening to me
i get stuck on the main menu , and it does not even freeze up it just stays on ,on and on like as if it is trying to boot ii used the dldli fo rthe gbamp sd and nothing same thing everytime over and over again
i need helppppppppppp!111111 too

Anonymous said...


Björn Giesler said...


nice to see there's work on DSO again. It's become an awesome application -- I still think it needs to be a better organizer, though: Calendar entries cannot span full days, have no end time, no syncing with a PC...


firmez said...

have you thought on a webradio plugin for your application. one thing needs to be better done. the vcard transfer at the adressbook.

I really like your work but dont really work with it because of the adressbook access.

Anonymous said...

When will DSOrganize support CJK Charsets(Chinese,Japan,Korea)? Just like Moonshell.

ADHDYoshi said...

With GBAMP SD, you need to do a DLDI patch first. Google it.

I got this when it first came out, and am very happy with it. As soon as I get my router, I can try Homebrew Database as well!

Anonymous said...

how many times do i have to say this
i used the dldi patch and still it reamins thesame. ia m mad

may be it is time to get the m3 pro

Anonymous said...

how many times do i have to say this
i used the dldi patch and still it reamins thesame. ia m mad

may be it is time to get the m3 pro

Anonymous said...

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