Monday, October 02, 2006

A More Formal Response

As most of you have figured out by now, I am stepping back from NDS development indefinitely at this point. I will not be pursuing any new coding endeavors right now for the Nintendo DS as it would probably do me no good. What you saw in a previous post about flashcards is only the tip of the iceberg of issues that I have to deal with while releasing new versions. While I am somewhat sad to let my favorite hobby go, it was getting to the point where I just wasn't enjoying myself as I was months ago. As of now, consider me resigned from not only the scene, but from NDS programming. I may reconsider after I take a long breather, but the way things look now, I dont know.

First off, I would like to thank the fellow coders who were there to help me, the teams that did submit drivers for their cards, and the userbase I had that was eager to test and submit translations, as well as give me feedback on DSOrganize. Special thanks goes out to LiraNuna, for answering innumerable questions about random quirks on the NDS system. Thanks also goes out to Chishm, who has put out a fantastic library, and also has helped with questions on maintaining the old library. Also, thanks go to sgstair who endured my complaints about the wifi library and who was eager to fix bugs and put out an all around awesome library as well. Also, thanks goes to many other poeple I've hung out with online, who have volunteered time and services to further the DSOrganize project. If anything makes me consider eventually returning, it would be to work with people like these.

Second, I'd like to address the issues with the scene. People are asking why I even care one way or another about the scene, when most of my users aren't even in it. I have never developed for the scene, I have developed for myself and for those who submitted bug requests and followed my software. However, it's very difficult to figure out new features on a piece of freshly documented hardware. When coding on linux, mac, or windows, you have miles of code samples online, but on the Nintendo DS, you have what little is out there, and the knowledge of members on the scene. I haven't been very associated with them for the last few months, and it is a real burden. Instead of simply asking a question and having a scene meber who is an expert having an aswer, I've sometimes spent days, if not weeks, re-figuring out what someone else already knows. It's a waste of time. Also, I started developing on the NDS to have fun coding with others, as it is fun to meet people that share hobbies. When the scene is split, it's hard to do that.

Third, to the anonymous cowards who have taken the opportunity to bash me on this blog or other forums. I didn't ask you to read my personal blog, and I certainly didn't ask you to click in from whevever you came from. This is not 4chan, and you don't have to post every stupid thought that comes to your head. I don't think some of you even followed DSOrganize, you are just jumping on the bandwagon to insult someone because you can. Grow up. Find something better to do with your life. I have been very careful in the year or so of NDS development to be polite and calm in all my posts online, and all it takes is a single post to be called a drama queen? There's more to the problem than you know. This wasn't simply about poeple saying mean things over IRC.

To StoneCypher, who thinks that the scene is coming back together: the scene wasn't split when DarkFader mass invited to #mellowdsdev. People were not forced to go, and the fact that when given an opportunity, they left, shows that things were not all happy like you say they were. Also, according to you, I've already pulled this twice. Let me remind you that I've never posted or even publicly mentioned the split, and I certainly have never claimed to leave the scene. I did leave from September through December last year due to your actions against me, but I left quietly, simply quitting IRC and not posting updates to my program until late December. I never said during that time that I was quitting, and I never stirred up shit in #dsdev over it. Quit the damage control and face the facts. And of course I haven't talked to you in months. I ignored you on IRC when you tried to use me to ban members from #mellowdsdev.

To those who want to take the source and 'continue' where I left off: please don't. People are not going to do their reasearch, and they will associate your updates with my name. I don't want angry emails or forum posts if something you change messes up a card or screw up a Nintendo DS. If you need, feel free to look at the source and take code snippets, but please give credit where credit is due. I really don't want you taking it upon yourselves to continue the project.

To those asking me to pull the last two posts offline, I don't think I will. What's said is said and what's done is done, and pulling posts will only be viewed as a cowards way out. I stand by what I said, and even if it was made in anger, there was several months of frustration and truth behind those posts, and I would prefer they stay where they are. People are claiming I am being immature about things, but this is my personal blog, and I think a person is allowed to get things off their chest once in awhile.

Also, to the two people that donated to DSOrganize: I will be happy to send the money back if you would like, since for now I will not be purchasing new cards to test on. Email me of you would like your donation refunded and I will send it back, plus the paypal processing fees, so you don't lose any.

In closing, I know that DSOrganize has made me a bit of an internet celebrity in the NDS community. I am as shocked as anyone else, as I never expected anything I would do to get this popular. I am honored to have made it onto so many people's NDS consoles, and perhaps some day, I can continue. For now, though, things are going to have to change a little before I consider coming back, if at all. Dragon out.


David said...

While i am sad to see you go, your reasons for leaving are perfectly valid so i will not complaim.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your "more formal" answer.

I stay silent after your two precedent messages but i want to thank you for your work and source code.

I start to build my "own version" now but i will respect your work & wishes of course.

Please keep in mind you can come back anytime if ...

Peace ;-)

anonymous ( gh0st )

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles."

Michael said...

Well, thanks for your contributions, DM.
Good luck with all that.

- just another sad DSO user

Cygoku said...

For crying out loud DM, stop looking for attention, get out your parent's basement, get laid and back to work.

If you simply wish to stop the project because you are lazy, stop the pussy excuse and just quit.


TheYak said...

Sorry to see you go. DSO was a very ambitious app compared to most homebrew, and will remain on my DS until (if ever) something to replace it comes along (2.25FGreen version, of course, due to my M3 handicap).

thunter said...

Too bad you quit.. DS organize turned into a great application with lots of handy functions. Just ignore people like cygoku, deep in his heart he's very sorry you're quiting;)

MechBoy said...

Hey DM, I would like to thank you for your contribution to NDS Homebrew Community. DS Organize is the best DS Homebrea app. Just let those idiots keep talking. Your skills are extra ordinary. You will be missed.

-Mech Boy
p.s. patiently waiting for the second coming of DM.

Anonymous said...

Heey dragonminded,

I think your dission is a wise one. Maybe it will shake the scene up a little. I also don't understand why dev's don't share their codes... that is really childish.

I hope you wil make a comeback someday untill then cheers! thanks for your time and effort in de scene!

Anonymous said...

Oh shit.


Anonymous said...

I think you will be happier in the end Dragon.

At least you have good memories and more to show for your time than the hater. It's a shame DSDev that one person can ruin your personal fun, but not suprising in the least.

Luca said...

DM, thank you for your app and support until now. :)

I used your 2.0 DSO while on vacation in japan, I used it to keep my daily-diary and I happily used it even if the keyboard had issues (fixed in the following release!) but how could I complain?

Enjoy your (potentially infinite) break and enjoy your Nintendo DS!

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

DM, I wish you luck. You are g0d in the homebrew scene and you will always be it! It's very sad it ends like this, so for the last time I just want to thank you for making such a great app :)

Sandman (The Netherlands)

ps: Who of you want SC to commit suicide?

* vote 1

Anonymous said...

DSOrganize is an amazing piece of Homebrew Software, thanks for that.

If you're boring in the future, why not begin again with coding for the NDS? :)

Don't listen to all these Kiddies which are throwing bad words at you, they're just jealous.

Sry for my bad english :D

~ elysium

Jon said...

Your contributions to the community (Not the "Scene") are numerous. And there is a lot to be learned from your sources. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. Your mind will be missed, not many visionaries exsist. Especially not in a homebrew environment.

You did your best, only the jealousy and envy of others brought you down.

I have nothing but respect for you.

I hope you come back.

Anonymous said...

DSOrganise is great, thanks for all your work.
I think StoneCyph is an ass also, I've had long arguments with him and he almost has no humanity.. oh well.
I hope you find new hobbies!
You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks DM for all the work you have done. Sorry to hear that those immature idiots pissed you off, but just know that we appreacite your efforts.

Anonymous said...

DSOrganize is one of the best pieces of homebrew I've ever used. I've even put it on my 10 year old son's DS and he loves it.

It is unfortunate that there are those in the world who believe themselves to be somehow so important that they can justify causing others this kind of anquish.

I wish you luck in your studies, and selfishly hope that you will one day return to the hobby at which you excel. Don't allow the jealousy of others to steal the joy from *your* life.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, StoneCypher doesn't try to be mean. His goal is not to bring other people down to get kicks.

The problem is that he doesn't like to be wrong, but that's not really a problem, since he rarely is. This usually leads to a huge arguments, with no one willing to back off. The argument may or may not result in a ban, but StoneCypher and the other person will end up extremely pissed on each other, and the hate continues in an evil spiral, getting worse and worse.

I don't claim to know the specific details about DragonMinded leaving, but it is most likely this case or a slight variation.

John said...

You sure love your fiction. You bitched about the split all the time. Hell, you've been doing it on your blog for the last two days. You name me, then you're surprised when you respond.

I never asked you - or anyone! - to ban anyone from mellow except the bricker author. Everyone but you remembers the several other times you've stormed off swearing you'd never come back; we've got logs.

Quit telling lies, DragonMinded. I wouldn't have said anything on your blog if you hadn't named me. You brought this on yourself.

Anonymous said...

StoneCypher doesn't try to be mean, yet he ends up being mean (harshly persistingly persuing a "giving in" from the other party). IF he was really that knowledgable, he'd know that he's hurting relationships. He should know that. Yet he is immature to let people who disagree with him, live by his side. He persues.

-Think- about this. Cause in the end, is he really being that nice?

Anonymous said...

john: the last two days don't count as past, they count as current since this discussion started from two days ago. He's talking about previous discussions. So this is not a valid point to say that he's lying.

You got logs, show them.

Quit telling people that they're lying. Show the prove (logs), then accuse.

You really need to learn a few about interpersonal relations. This situation is an incremental consequence of acts of both sides. Don't act like you didn't respond with harsh words as well. You have a pick on people when they've insulted you. Don't lie about the fact that you'll shut up about it once they return. You just continue picking on them.

Imran said...

Left the "scene" again, have you?

I, at least, admit that I've never been a part of this "scene" you cherish so much, yet even I have been spurred into action by the ridiculous scale of the drama exhibited herein.

We'll see you in a couple of weeks, no doubt. That's what happened last time.

Anonymous said...

imran, if you're going to repeat what others said before, while the author reminded all that he doesn't want outsiders to respond, then why respond?


MachinShin said...

This entire post (and the two prior ones) are such a crock. I'm not exactly a part of "the scene", but your self-aggrandizing attention-whoring drama queening is what's "ruining the scene". jerk.

Anonymous said...

MachinShin, if you're going to repeat what others said before, while the author reminded all that he doesn't want outsiders to respond, then why respond?


(Notice that this message is a repeat? People are either blind or ignorant.)

Imran said...

I respond in order to stir up drama, of course.

The situation is becoming untenable for the immature. Either rejoin this "scene" of yours, or end with the whining and grow up some. (How's that for stirring the drama pot.)

John said...

Hhuuhu, check it out. Dyanstab's sitting there hitting reload and trying to talk down to anyone who tells the truth. Less than three minutes each time. It's almost as if he's got nothing better to do.

Now why does that remind me of the spammer? Maybe Ashlee was right.

Dynastab, have the balls to come out in the open, or shut your mouth. We all know the reason you won't is that everyone knows you do nothing more than to cause trouble, and so the only reason you hide is so that your bad behavior doesn't shoot the value of your opinions to zero.

What you don't seem to understand is that nobody's fooled. You leave traces a mile wide, William Luckett.

Dylan said...

An excellent post, Dragon.

Good luck in the future, and thanks for everything you have done here.

Now, excuse me while I do some back-seat moderating.

To the various idiots above me...
You are the ones whining here, not him. This is not a public forum and it is your own choice to read this or ignore it.


Anonymous said...

Hey duder

least post your last update 2.4 with all the irc changes.

plz plz

no serioulsy plz


Anonymous said...


Sorry to see you take leave, though I understand your reasons...

I have had to make similiar difficult decisions like this due to a hobby becoming a chore and then turning into a job, yet never getting paid for it. (Not that money was necessary).

I wish you the best and respect your decision.

Good luck and thank you for what you have left with us!


Anonymous said...

DM, Just wanted to say you had a great idea and your talents will be missed by many. Not everyone interested in homebrew bothers with blogs and such. Out of the ones that do, usually the flaming trolls have the most to say. So, take that into account... most of us really appreciate everything you have done. No one has a right to bitch at you for anything, you can do what you want with what you create. If people dont like it, they dont have to use it. If you ever change your mind, let us know over at so we can support your software. Regardless, Good luck with what you do choose to do.
(friend of

Anonymous said...

A shame. Organize DS is one of the most useful programs I've come across.

Probably not worth much, but thanks for your time, efforts, and for sharing. I do wish, however, you'd reconsider your request for no one else to pick it back up. It would be a shame to let it die.

DragonMinded said...

StoneCypher, I already asked you to stop posting on my fucking blog. Go spread your lies elsewhere, don't you have your own fucking website for that shit?

Anonymous said...

Hi this is GeekShadow,
This is so bad DragonMinded, DSo is the best Nintendo DS homebrew I've seen.
But I understand you. Thanks for all this work for DSo.

Mrio said...

"I did leave from September through December last year"

Wich means you'll be back in december? or after 6 months?

You should try to focus on new consoles (like the Wii)...ya?

Anonymous said...

I am not DynaStab. I was the one who refreshed every 5 minutes, yes, but I'm someone else who opposes you, john. Yes believe it, a lot of people oppose you.
However, it's funny how suspicious you are towards people. Even after a decent amount of time, you're still ready to bash DynaStab, in a personal way. How mature is that? Tell me please.

John said...

> StoneCypher, I already asked you to
> stop posting on my fucking blog.

Kay. Soon as you stop telling fiction about me, I'll stop telling it like it really is. If you can't handle my telling the truth, you shouldn't be talking about me.

I find your belief that you get to just make crap up and then whine that people respond tiresome and churlish. If you didn't want to see me here, you shouldn't have used my name.

Funny how you're already talking about "if you come back," even though when I point out that you won't be gone for long (like usual) you flip out. It's as if you're unable to see your own behavior for what it is.

Only an idiot pokes a beehive then complains that they got stung.

Matt said...

Aren't you technically in violation of the GPL by not releasing the code for DS Organize under the GPL?

Anonymous said...

Matt is right,
Lets sue DragonMinded

Steve said...

Man, this is like the old Amiga scene days. This reads like a Grapevine article... Only spelt correctly:)

You'll be missed! I only use the Shoutcast feature of your program, but that alone gives me a big old smile on my face.

Good luck in the future.

DragonMinded said...

> Kay. Soon as you stop telling fiction about me, I'll stop telling it like it really is.

> I find your belief that you get to just make crap up and then whine that people respond tiresome and churlish.

> It's as if you're unable to see your own behavior for what it is.

It's as if you were writing my rebuttals to you for me. You are everything you accuse me of. You aren't fooling anyone but the idiots.

Anonymous said...

DragonMinded just hit the nail on the truth.

Anonymous said...

Your the one that needs to grow up you little cry baby.

Anonymous said...

Babyminded did you never work with MUGEN, because you sound just like those them.

Anonymous said...

Dragonminded are you 13 or what?

Steve said...

I love how all those being abusive are really brave and posting anonymously.


DarkSpine said...


Uhm, i havent been very long in the the scene's! BUT, since im in, i have been checking news EVERY-FUCK-DAY! Now, leave all the scene and moral shit behind and think! If someone - does something, for free, for other people! The only thing you say is THANKS - if you use it! You never bust or bitch about anything this guy does, because this guy has spent month's and weeks and hours and minutes just to fix stupid bug's that you little midgets came up with, while you sat in school! Dragonminded - has owned himself a BIG BIG BOW from ALL OF YOU!!! ALL- OF - YOU! He's done all this shit for free never asking anything from you and all you can think of is bitch about him! As he said, and i stand formal by his side: GROW THE FUCK UP!

Anonymous said...

^I don't think the hate posts are made by anyone important. I mean...who in their right mind could be this disrespectful?

James said...

I've no idea what all this is about, but I just want to thank you for making DSorganise. it's made a welcome change to my life in that I don't need to shell out for an expensive PDA, and sintead carry it around with me during work and can store notes and meetings dates on it with ease.

Such a superb program, I hope you get things sorted out in your life as you certinly sorted out mine.

Brandon said...

All I have to say is Thank you for what you have spent countless hours of your time on. It is very much appreciated by many more people than you will ever know. I know that like many people who aren't a part of "the scene" but merely enjoy the fine work that a few of you do I really appreciate your time, and effort to create these great programs. So thank you for your work!

Anonymous said...

I hope Jack Thompson sues you.

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson has no relevance to this.

Anonymous said...

Well Bad that you go..
I remeber our talk in the irc chat.. that was funny
I came from Europe you from the USA that other guy from sydney..

Well thnxs for al..

Anonymous said...

Anyway, your DS Organize never worked for me. I'm happy to learn that you abandon the scene so that nobody else will be able to use DS Organize anymore. GWAHAHAHAHAH.

Greetings from APB.

Sparky Flerchinger said...

You have the right to do whatever you want. I haven't read the complaints but I don't need to.

You freely released a great creation. People should be happy for that alone. It was your own personal hobby & I was amazed you bothered with multiple versions in the 1st place.

Thank you for the software. It was the reason I bought a GBAMP and have been playing with writing my own DS code.

Take care & good luck in life.

Eddie said...

Omfg why is this Drama on every friggin Homebrew site? Cut the bullsh*t!

Anonymous said...

Why did you delete the software mirror? I would like to get the latest version of DSO and possibly the source just so I can learn about how the DS coding system works. Im currently running 2.2 final, I know 2.3 was the last version though. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I guess all that's left to say is thanks for your hard work and good luck in your future. The fact that I can pull out my DS at a meeting means that your app will always have a home on my DS.


Atama said...

I am thinking about going into homebrew coding. I though a good dev like DSO would make a wonderful knowledge base to help me get started. Anyway, your choice is made, but from what I see, you could practically start a new trend by yourself...

Take care.

Keep your head up, and don't smooth the sharp side of your tongue.

lewwy said...

The scene is crying without you DragonMinded...please come back.

Oh, and for everyone on this page who dumps a comment stating how fat/gay/ugly/stupid/retarded/unhappy/whatever the hell DragonMinded is, then I'm sure everyone here would be *very* interested to see your DSOrganize equivilent (or supererior).

I also noted a few comments about how DragonMinded was 12 years old and hadn't moved out from his parents basement. I, for one, would be astounded if my 12 year old son could program ARM. I can't do it, most of the people out there can't do it, and noones (thats not getting paid) will start to do it.

I can't stop SC from posting on this blog anymore than Dragon can, but for gods sake people, theres no point rubbing salt in an open wound. If he wanted to leave, then theres no use shouting "good riddance" after him.


masterplan said...

All the DSO users will miss you...

As a programmer I believe DSO is a piece of art, I'm sure that your next project will be very successful, you have great skills.


Anonymous said...


Well, I'm actually glad I'm not the only one who gives up his most fun hobby ever had.

I'm webmaster of Kingdom Hearts Europe, a famous dutch KH website, but recently, I quitted. The lack of responsability of Square Enix, the annoying members who keep asking when this next game is going to release, the pressiour of everyone to update the website...

I quitted because after three years, I actually wanted to blow up the whole server so the website would be destroyed, not able to recall it. I had exactly the same feelings as you had, so I'm proud you decided to quit, before it even got worse.

So I really understand why you have stopped the developement, but I hope you will begin again soon, because after a while, you will understand why I began with a new Web project.

A proud fan

Frogurt said...

I just wanted to thank you for the work you put in to the project. Don't let some of these comments get you down.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Interesting choice to quit the scene...anyway, I owe you one for the thesis interview, remember? Come to Tokyo and I'll buy You a beer. And if coding is the thing, just buy the 770, I'm sure your talent would be appreciated more in that scene..

Good luck for the future,

VincentD said...

Dear DragonMinded,

great job what you did with DSO.
I'm sure whatever it is, your next project will be awesome.
It is normal when experiencing success, to encounter other people's envy. No blame.

From errors one learns. Except for the dumb and dumbers out there. But if I may guess, you being DragonMinded most certainly are clever enough to overcome.

Peace & Respect to you, man !

quiet_core said...

thanks for all the good work that you have done. sad to see you go, but we all understand. hope to see you back someday

Phil said...

you will be missed i defly enjoyed ur work u did put out tho so thanks for that

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've put into the DSO.

I'm not a programmer, and so I'm specially grateful towards people like you, who offer their superb software to all the rest of the users.

Hope you'll come back someday to DS programming, but whatever you do, THANKS A LOT.

rvguegn said...

Hi DragonMinded,

I just bought a DS Lite and am not very aware of the Homebrew world.
You did a hell of a job with your DSOrganize and I can't understand who could bash you for providing such a cool application for free.
I thank you for DSO and ... well, thank you again !

A real happy DSO user

Anonymous said...

Eh? The download section is open again? *crosses fingers that Dragon has picked up coding again*

Anonymous said...

Now with DragonMinded could concentrate on the fun part of his former hobby again. Hopefully he is doing so already. ^^

ADHDYoshi said...

I'm 13 and I can program ARM. :P