Saturday, September 16, 2006

DSOrganize 2.3, Source out!

Hey everyone! I've recently put out DSOrganize 2.3, as well as the source for the project. This release is a maintenence release, and I decided to put it out now because with this semester, I am really not going to have time to release anything until after finals in December. I figured I would at least get a version out that has a few more bug fixes and such, before leaving the project to get stale for a few months. Don't worry, as I am not dropping the project, and have big plans for it when I can start working on it again!

As for the source, I was very hesitant to put it out, but since so many poeple would like to see it, I've made it available online. I really really don't want poeple to make modifications or repost their own compiles, aside from cart compatibility tests and such, as this IS my personal hobby. If you must include it in a commercial project or recompile with modifications, please talk to me first.

For the time being, feel free to hang out in #dsorganize on It's a great place to meet other members and usually get quick help and such!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice release so far. Just did a little bit of testing on it so far far, so good ;p

The program appears to be saving nicely, I like the menu addon's to the "Browser".

Newho - great work!!!

BTW - this is working on a DSLite - SuperCard - 1G MicroSD UltraII (Sandisk).


MisterSentient said...

Thank you for releasing this. Hopefully I will be able to get it to work with the Max Media Dock.

I have had to make a few code changes to get it to compile as it seems you are using some deprecated libnds defines. I gather you are using an older version of devkitARM as well since the file "resources.o" is causing the compiler to throw up an EABI version error. Is there any way I can get a build of this file using the latest ARM compiler?

DragonMinded said...

DSOrganize is just flat out not compatible with the latest devkitpro. The bug with malloc causes random freezes, and it is slower and larger. It really needs to be compiled with ELF, not EABI.

Paiva said...

Really nice release!

Now everything is working on with my DSL/SCLite.

I was having to use DSO 2.2 Preview 2, as 2.5 was not saving correctly and was always freezing. And this version corrected all these issues.

Congratulations for the esplendid work on this Must-Have app!

Anonymous said...

Okay paiva you say it works with your Supercard Lite (SCLite)?

When I try it with my Supercard Lite (DSOrganize Blue, as reccomended), it just hangs on Initializing FAT Trying: Supercard SD.

It cannot be patched by "patch moomshell for super card.exe" because it just says it finds no SC code.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there documentation I missed?

Anonymous said...

Okay, when I try the ds.gba version renamed to ds.nds it hangs forever on

Initializing FAT.
Trying: Supercard SD

When I try the sc.nds version it just hangs on a white screen and nothing happens.

Neither can be patched. Help?

Anonymous said...

I just asked two other people on another forum and no one can get 2.3 working on a Supercard Lite so you must be mistaken paiva!

JaNeL said...

Thanks for your great job. However, I found a few problems when executing your program. I am using a miniSD supercard and the DSO2.3 version.

I found that there is a saving problem with the v_card. After I input some info to create the card, another time I reopen the program again, they disappear. In fact, I found some files being created in my miniSD card. I propose that your program is not able to read the files those created by itself before. The same case appears in the "To-Do" and calendar session.

The system freeze problem still occurs after saving some info in the calendar reminder but much less frequent than the 2.25 version, and English words still become some unreadable codes (are they Spanish?).

Please try to fix it. You work is highly appreciated. Great job! :)

paiva said...

No, No mistakes... It's really working on my DSL with SCL. I believe you have the same problem that I had with the 2.25 with mine not working and now it is solved(at least for me!!! :-).

I'm using blue version, sc.nds file. I also could not path it with Moonshell patcher, but it was not required, as it is working as expected.

Again, congratulations for the esplendid work on this Must-Have app!

Anonymous said...

There must be multiple versions of the Supercard Lite then.

What firmware are you using paiva? I'm using 1.63

Anonymous said...

I'm "anonmous" from the first posting: /fr0...

Newho - I'm reading users of SCLite stating that they are not able to get their program working...

For the sake of reposting a little information and then adding more, I wanted to make sure y'all that are having problems hopefully can get the problem to work out in just a second here.

First of all, I am running my DSLite (which I got when they first came out) and a SuperCard Lite (which I also got when they first came out) and my versions are as follows:

Supercard firmware: 1.63
NintendoDSfirmware: 7 (Passme flashed)

I am running the SuperCard Lite with a 1G MicroSD Sandisk UltraII card.

I am having no problems what so ever. I did have one instance where I created a picture and upon saving it froze the system and I had to delete the pic that was made with DSlinux before I could get back into the "Scribble" function because it was corrupt, but that was the only problem I have had and that only happened once.

On top of that:

You can try to use the SuperCard Magic Homebrew Patcher (version 0.2) and that may fix your problem that you are having. You can find that at Or use the direct link here:

Don't forget to get version 0.2.

Newho - I hope that this helps out. If it does not, reply to this message in this thread and I will do the best I can to help you trouble shoot any problem.

As I have said a few times before since I learned of this: This is a very worth while project and it's benefitting me greatly! I would be more than happy to help others get some good use out of this fantastic software as I have, because it's just that damned good :)


paiva said...

I'm using SCL fw 1.63.


Master said...

Is the gray version for the "datel max" cards? I have a max 4gb hdd but I can not get any of the versions to work. Anyone have any ideas?

DragonMinded said...

Max Media is not compatible.

Master said...

Cc, I'll keep watching and maybe get lucky with one of your future versions. Keep up the good work dragonminded.

fifishy said...

Tried with ndsl+supercard lite (firmware 1.63)+passkey3+sandisk 1G micro SD...

The calendar and reminder seems to save correctly, but the to-do list and address books don't save (but I do see files being created in the system folders) Also noticed that the program will freeze after a while on the "home" scren.

Can anybody help? I really like this program very very much!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic -- the music playback and picture viewing for the browser are great. Of course, if I had known ten years ago that I would change a nintendo into a PDA, I'd smack myself, but thanks very much for developing and supporting this.

BeBoX said...

internet browsing function ?

is it planed to add this fonction to text/html viewer ?

even if engine is not perfect there is no way to surf internet with DS (forget opera too expensive)

Anonymous said...

There are so many of us with DSlite + Sc that can't get DSO working. Dancing Cow forever problem.. If you encounter this problem and find a way to make it work, please post the solution!

MsvP said...

"DragonMinded said...
Max Media is not compatible. "

Are you working on a compatible version für the Max Media?

I'm looking everywhere for an organizer program for my max media, 4 GB but I didn't find anything! :-((((

Anonymous said...


Max Media isn't supported and won't be further developed...

Dragonminded was running into too many issues with driver code (I'm pretty sure that was the problem) not being released by that company and it was too difficult to try to "guess" on how to correct issues that were coming up with the card.

Unfortunately at this point and time, you're stuck.

Though, you can attempt to get in contact with the card manufacturer that you purchased from and demand from them that they start to release the code so developers are able to work with it...

Hope that this helps out...


Anonymous said...

I have a DSlite and Supercard Lite with a Sandisk MicroSD (not a II or III)
I am using Max Media Launcher to boot.
I could run version 2.25 fine, but nothing was able to save.

Version 2.3 will now save off and on (seemingly random) if I use the *.gba.ds file renamed to *.nds, and patched with the SC magic homebrew patcher version .02

I think that perhaps having a flashed DS is the key to DSO working on a SClite fully?

Anonymous said...

Here's a video of 2.3 crashing on a regular Supercard SD (write corruption?) and Dancing Cow Forever on a Supercard Lite.

The theory that it needs a flashed DS is an interesting one, I can't imagine how that would effect a program's operation but it has some explanatory power at least.