Saturday, September 30, 2006

How DARE You StoneCypher

This isn't about the shit you have caused in #dsdev and #mellowdsdev. This isn't about the lies you spread, or any of the bullshit you cause. This is directly between you and me. How DARE you use my blog comments to spread your fucking shit on how I am a liar. You have some nerve after all that you have said to me and about me. I don't care how vehemently you deny these alligations to the public. For all I care, you can spread your propaganda all over the scene channels and all over the forums. But I KNOW that you know what you did, and I KNOW you know how you treated me, and yet, you use my blog against me.

Fuck the Scene

I'm flat out tired of this bullshit. There is nothing but rot left in the DS scene. From SC splitting the scene to card makers not releasing drivers and everything inbetween, it is just fucking ROTTEN. I quit. Good fucking riddance. I hope you are happy. If you want to complain about this, go see the people in #dsdev and #mellowdsdev on efnet.

Monday, September 18, 2006

What's up with this...

Anyone else notice that MaxConsole has placed the news that DSOrganize runs unmodified on their card system, yet hasn't even posted about my latest update?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

DSOrganize 2.3, Source out!

Hey everyone! I've recently put out DSOrganize 2.3, as well as the source for the project. This release is a maintenence release, and I decided to put it out now because with this semester, I am really not going to have time to release anything until after finals in December. I figured I would at least get a version out that has a few more bug fixes and such, before leaving the project to get stale for a few months. Don't worry, as I am not dropping the project, and have big plans for it when I can start working on it again!

As for the source, I was very hesitant to put it out, but since so many poeple would like to see it, I've made it available online. I really really don't want poeple to make modifications or repost their own compiles, aside from cart compatibility tests and such, as this IS my personal hobby. If you must include it in a commercial project or recompile with modifications, please talk to me first.

For the time being, feel free to hang out in #dsorganize on It's a great place to meet other members and usually get quick help and such!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Card Compatibility and Such

First, I will start with an announcement. From here on out, M3 products WILL NOT be officially supported. I will still put out compiles with the current (semi-working) 2.25 drivers, but I will not actively continue to fix them. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but I started DSOrganize as a fun little project, and with the constant stress on card compatibility, it is becoming a chore. I have tried numerous things, including using old beta drivers, and the newest drivers on the CVS. Even when I don't change the driver, compatibility changes per compile. So I repeat, I will NOT support ANY M3 device officially any longer. This includes the M3CF, M3SD, M3miniSD, and the G6, as well as any other new products that they spit out.

The second announcement goes out to card makers, as well as casual homebrewers. Card makers, PLEASE consider releasing official drivers in source form to the community. When you make a new card and claim it is compatible with homebrew, new users do not understand that drivers have to be written. The creators of homebrew take the heat because logically, if a card suports homebrew and a homebrew isn't working, it must be the programmer. Also, homebrewers PLEASE research what you are buying. I am more than happy to reply to a personal email on what I recommend to use with DSOrganize, and I'm sure most other homebrewers would be happy to do the same. There is also a perfectly usable FAQ and forums for you to find out other's successes with cards. If you have a product that is not supported by DSOrganize, please petition your card maker to put out official drivers. Asking me only does so much good, as I can only implement your card if there is a reliable driver. Asking chishm is only so good, as he would need to spend many hours reversing the card, and sometimes doesn't even have the card to test on.

As of right now, DSOrganize is tested working on GBAMP, NinjaDS, MK2 and MK3 (although NeoFlash products don't boot homebrew, they still work as storage when booted from a GBAMP). These are the only cards I own, thus the only cards I can guarantee the greatest success on. Reports state that EZ4 with read only support works, and SC CF, SC SD, and SCLite are all working, although I cannot guarantee it works to your satisfaction.

Also, before making bug reports, PLEASE be sure you are doing things correctly. For example, I got a ton of reports saying .ds.gba didn't boot on M3 and to please merge the homebrew databases so M3 could get .nds. I deleted all my work on the M3 database and merged it with the GBAMP database as so numerously requested, only to get a flood of reports saying that their M3 doesn't work with .nds. A recent conversation with someone has revealed the fact that .ds.gba booted by just pushing A TWICE. This will NOT be reversed, as I am not redoing all those packages, so in the future, please investigate to see if there is something you could be doing different.

I know that this sounds very rash, but I am starting to get tired of working on DSOrganize due to all the stress of keeping multiple releases and constantly trying to fix things not related to my code. I hope you all understand.