Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Supercard Test Version

I have compiled a newer test library with the code that used to work for SuperCard CF/SD, and would like you guys to test and report back to me on it. Get the file here and try. Also, Max Media CF users, please give this one a spin too, let me know.

Tested working on: GBAMP, NINJASD, MK2, MK3.


Max said...

Supercard Lite Compatibility Report

Hi! I'm here to tell you DSOrganize doesnt world on Supercard Lite. Actually, DSO block at "Please wait...Initializing FAT." Then,the little cow continue her dance...and nothing happen.

Anonymous said...

It also not working on Supercard SD this version, Screens turn grey and says "Please wait... Initializing FAT" too.

Anonymous said...

It moved with SCCF.
After the detection of NinjaSD, it was recognized.
Cannot the language be selected.
Is not UNICODE supported.