Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New SuperCard Test!

Ok, I've gotten confirmed reports that this new test version works with SuperCard! Get it Here and write back! Also, get in #dsorganize on to chat, get support, tests, and the like.

This test is confirmed with these adapters:

Full support:
SC miniSD
M3 miniSD (Version 2 reported working)

Read Only:

Not working:
Max Media CF

It is unconfirmed with these adapters:


Yasin said...

Works here - read only as you say; SC-Lite


Anonymous said...

Good!It's working now.

Anonymous said...

It moved with SCCF.
After the detection of NinjaSD, it was recognized.
Cannot the language be selected.
Is not UNICODE supported.

Anonymous said...

Works for me (SC-SD). Unfortunately the mp3 streaming function is not working correctly for me. It always fills the buffer to 100% and than plays it down to 0% and fills it again (without playing anything). Maybe you can take a look at this bug.

Blocko said...

Hey guys, I have an EFA linker and I need this app mostly for the calander and todo functions, but I look on the site and it seems that EFA isn't anywhere to be found, so what's the best card to get that will get me the most functionality out of DSOrganize. I'll only use this app with that card