Monday, August 28, 2006

New DSOrganize Blue

I have cracked open the backups and grabbed the files in the fatlib from 2.1 in the hopes that this version can be properly patched for SCLite people, and that it would work for the rest of the poeple for whom 2.25 broke. Head on over to my page and download the blue release, and let me know!


Alexis Bousiges said...

Yesterday, 2.25 failed on my SuperCard SD (not lite), but today, with your new compile, this work !! Thanks you very much.

DSOrganize is one of my favorite homebrew project, keep up this great work.

yeyezai said...

What are the differents between Blue,Green and Gray version?
It's for different flashcard?

Anonymous said...

Hi, the SClite seems to be a hard job - doesn't work *sniff*
jup, you are right, the colors are used for different flashcard-versions/manufacturer
please keep trying to fix that problem...thx

Max said...

I'm sorry, but this new release work nicely on SCLite!!!!!! I'm soooooooo happy!! How to use it?? Easy: Patch the new compile with the SCLite Moonshell patcher, and it works!! Thx DM!!!Well, I'm gonna test every program,but at least, it starts!

Max said...

A little problem finally: When you try the planner for the first time, it works. But after you save something to do on the planner, you cant acces it anymore and it freeze DSOrganize.

paiva said...

I had the same problem that max related, using latest 2.25 blue version and sc lite fw 1.63. After saving task on to do or planner, we can not access these tasks anymore and DSOrganize freezes.

Anonymous said...

help, i use supercard sd non mini and every nds file wont boot with the error for some reason our nds fiel is unloadable, all files say this, they worked fin before 2.25

i have sc firmware 1.63B
and the dsorganize 2.25 blue updated

Anonymous said...

I have been using 2.25 and it would not save anything, though it would run just fine. I saw on DrunkenCoders that you updated 2.25 for the SCLite and that it should work.

I downloaded the file and tried to run it on my SCLite. It loaded fine, but failed to save. I then ran the *.NDS file through the Moonshell patcher that you get from the SuperCard site.

I FINALLY get an OK from the patcher. Normally it responds that it can not find the SC Code.

As of right now, I am running DSOrganize 2.25 on my SCLite WITH the ability to save!!!

Thank you for working to hard to get this to work! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Really amazing software! But I still can not save. Using SC Lite, fw 1.63. Really tried everything on it...patching with moonshell patcher, not patching... and it freezes after a while and it's not able to save. Please keep the excelent work and please try to fix this amazing software!

Anonymous said...

can someone upload the patched sclite version? there's no patcher available for osx on a ppc. :(

andreas said...


SClite quick tes: Moonshell patcher applied sucessfully. DS Organize runs like a charme on the first start, saved something to the "TO DO"-list and shut down the DS. Then after restart DSOrganize hangs at startup saying "Trying SD..."

Stef said...

After using the moonshell patcher on the .sc.nds file, it works on supercard lite + passcard 3 + sandisk 1gb Ultra II.
But the strange thing is, when you save something for the first on a day in the Calender and look back, the text is converted into strange SPL characters. When you edit this SPL text and replace it with the text you want, it gets stored properly. So it looks like you have to enter everything two times to get it right. This is also necessary on the dayplanner, only the first time, it doesn't store anything (the text isn't even converted to SPL, but just gone) but entering something the second time and it gets stored properly!

I will provide you with a movie so you can look what I mean.

stef said...

Ok, see it for yourself: