Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DSOrganize Gray Update

I have updated gray with new drivers for Max Media CF. Let me know if it works, and what does or doesn't work on it (IE booting homebrew, writing, etc). Thanks!


Maggo said...

Gray is not working for me with the Max Media Dock with the 1gb CF card. It gave me the "You are not using a card that is compatible with ..." error.

Solitude said...

Using a EU Black DS Lite.
Max Media Dock with Twinmos 140X 2 GB CF.
Downloaded the latest version of DSOrganize Gray.
Directly booted DS Organize Gray.nds (by renaming it to bootme.nds)
Tried formatting CF as FAT and FAT32. Both of them gave the same error as follows.
Please wait... Initializing FAT.
Trying: NinjaSD
Please wait... Initializing FAT.
GBA Movie Player CF
You are not using a card that is compatible with Chrishm's FAT library........

Anonymous said...

i get the same error
using Max Media Player with a 1gb CF 60x instead of 4gb HDD

Brandon said...

Max Media Dock

tried direct boot and boot from MMP.

512MB Sandisk CF Card same error.

MisterSentient said...

DragonMinded, I think I may know how to fix this. How do I get hold of the source for DSOrganize?

MisterSentient said...

If you don't want to release all of the source code I just need to have a look at the FAT library code.

RobM said...

*Unrelated* You are never on IRC anymore. :(

DragonMinded said...

*Unrelated* I left the DS Dev scene due to so much crap being spewed by so called 'respected members'

I develop alone now, but you can find me on the dso irc channel.

Badam said...

Thank you Dragon Minded for making the build but Yup it doesnt work, try to fix it Dragon Minded or someone else try to fix it please?

Dave said...

I just wanted to say that I am one of many people patiently awaiting this. I think you're doing an awesome job making one of the most desired homebrews.

Anonymous said...

How about working on a G6-compatible version since there are 1000x times more users on that card than on MMD.

Anonymous said...

Does DSorganize work on G6b yet. Cant seem to get it working???


Spugo said...

It also isn't working for me on my Max Media Dock.. Same messages as above ('trying NinjaSD', 'GBA Movie Player' & the error message).

I really appreciate your efforts to make it work though. There are a lot of MMD users that would be extremely happy with a working version.

Anonymous said...

Sir, your efforts in making the seemingly impossible possible should be greatly appreciated. Those "Respected members" aren't even worth dealing with.

And for those who use the G6, think about it. If this guy brings about the MMD/MMP version, the G6 version can work. Just take these news as a heads up for other news that could come.

Continue the efforts DragonMinded.