Monday, August 14, 2006

About DSO 2.2 Final

Well, I know you guys are all hot and bothered about the next release of DSOrganize. Unfortunately, it looks like I will be holding onto the release at least until the end of this week. I want to get down to adding a few more requested features and smoothing out some more pages, as this is going to be a final release, not a preview. I'm sure you will think it worth the wait, as I have fixed a few bugs in IRC, updated the configuration screen, changed a few icons, added MANY things to the browser, and worked on FAT compatibility. Hopefully this next release works fine for those struggling with their CF cards.

SHAMELESS PLUG! As you know, it is rather hard to test for accuracy and compatibility on a card that you don't have. I am able to test on the GBAMP and the ninjaSD, as well as MK2 and MK3 as I own one of each of these, but with other cards, I have to hope that it works. Also, being vocal about the release is appreciated. I would much rather hear about it a day after so I know what I did fixed/broke something on your card, rather than stumble on someone whining on some forum 3 weeks later!

Thanks to everyone that follows my work, you make homebrewing fun!


Jeanette Gordon said...

Oh if it works on the MAx media dock you will have me rejoicing.

It would be in datels interest to give you a sample of the Max media dock..... There seems to always be a saving problem, as it doesn't support fat or something

I wish hubby hadn't bought this one and rather the m3.

You are doing a great job. Hope to be able to use it. Would be happy to try it out on the media dock for you and report any problems. Thats if you are going to do no fat support?


Stingfist said...

Hi there, I want to first say that DSOrganize is the best piece of software I've ever faced. I was going to suggest a few new stuff:

- Auto-join channel at start for IRC.
- Allow DCC transfers in IRC?
- An msn client working in background (That would own more than anything possible :))

Seriously this is the best piece of compiled software I've ever seen. A few more stuff and it would be more like an O.S!

pubjoe said...

I've never used DSorganise as I have a G6lite :(

Will you add support now that the FATlib has been released?

Please do!

Andrew said...

I've never been able to use this program before. But all I hear is praise, people love it!

I have a G6 lite and I would also like you to maybe try and support this card if you can somehow given the new FATlib. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

please try to DSOrganize make compatible with G6....

eric said...

homebrewers are going to see more and more calls for g6 lite support over the next couple of months.

count me in as another head that wants to see DS Organize on my g6l

jono_ said...

G6 lite support, yeah that would double your fanbase ;)

hint hint

why NOT make DSorganize into an OS, what would be cool if it was like the old macOS (mac 7 or something). they had the coolest interfaces. :)

Jordi said...

If you could make it work with G6 lite I would really appreciate it!

Banjo said...

After recently FINALLY splashing out and getting a flash cart for my NDSL, I heard about how awesome DSOrganize was, and so got very excited... of course, my lovely new flash cart is a G6L!!! :( So, please add my voice to the call to possibly make DSOrganize work on the G6! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Support G6 please!