Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DSOrganize Gray Update

I have updated gray with new drivers for Max Media CF. Let me know if it works, and what does or doesn't work on it (IE booting homebrew, writing, etc). Thanks!

Monday, August 28, 2006

New DSOrganize Blue

I have cracked open the backups and grabbed the files in the fatlib from 2.1 in the hopes that this version can be properly patched for SCLite people, and that it would work for the rest of the poeple for whom 2.25 broke. Head on over to my page and download the blue release, and let me know!

DSOrganize 2.25 Out!

Hey again everyone. I'm putting out this release pretty quickly as it is just meant to be a maintenence release. Big things in this release include a bunch of fixes for random bugs and a new SuperCard driver, so hopefully the SCLite will work fine. Also, I took out the driver for ninjaSD and MK2/MK3 on the Blue and Green because you guys whined so much about the 3 second boot time. Enjoy, as this might be the last release for a few weeks, what with school and such taking up my time now.

Head on over to the DSOrganize homepage to download the latest package for your card. Also, any questions, comments, just want to chat? Feel free to drop by irc.freenode.net #dsorganize and say hi.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

DSOrganize 2.2 Final Recompile

Since discovering that fixing SuperCard booting broke M3 miniSD V2+ booting, I've decided that I have to (unfortunately) start to maintain two compiles. Instead of naming them after a random card it should work with, I've decided to color them, and let people collaborate and post feedback on which version works the best. Please head on over to my homepage at dragonminded.com and try the two posted versions. Feedback on what card you have and which one worked for you is VERY appreciated and will go towards making the FAQ more accurate.

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New SuperCard Test!

Ok, I've gotten confirmed reports that this new test version works with SuperCard! Get it Here and write back! Also, get in #dsorganize on irc.freenode.net to chat, get support, tests, and the like.

This test is confirmed with these adapters:

Full support:
SC miniSD
M3 miniSD (Version 2 reported working)

Read Only:

Not working:
Max Media CF

It is unconfirmed with these adapters:

Supercard Test Version

I have compiled a newer test library with the code that used to work for SuperCard CF/SD, and would like you guys to test and report back to me on it. Get the file here and try. Also, Max Media CF users, please give this one a spin too, let me know.

Tested working on: GBAMP, NINJASD, MK2, MK3.

DSOrganize 2.2 Final Out!

Ok, so I worked pretty hard due to some requests to get it out as fast as possible, and DSO 2.2 Final is now out! The list of fixes on this one is longer than any other set of updates, I really tried to polish this verison for you guys! Please note that even though the G6 team released a fat lib, I will not be adding support until they release the source for their adapter. It's not just that I don't want to have a second compile just for G6, but also I have added functions to my modified version of the fat lib that are needed for DSOrganize to run, so it is physically impossible.

Maybe someone can reverse the code and provide it as a standard interface to chishm's fat lib?

Anyhow, you can find the update on my site at http://www.dragonminded.com/. Happy homebrewing! Please give me feedback on SuperCard/M3 compatibility, as well as Max Media CF compatibility! Thanks!

Monday, August 14, 2006

About DSO 2.2 Final

Well, I know you guys are all hot and bothered about the next release of DSOrganize. Unfortunately, it looks like I will be holding onto the release at least until the end of this week. I want to get down to adding a few more requested features and smoothing out some more pages, as this is going to be a final release, not a preview. I'm sure you will think it worth the wait, as I have fixed a few bugs in IRC, updated the configuration screen, changed a few icons, added MANY things to the browser, and worked on FAT compatibility. Hopefully this next release works fine for those struggling with their CF cards.

SHAMELESS PLUG! As you know, it is rather hard to test for accuracy and compatibility on a card that you don't have. I am able to test on the GBAMP and the ninjaSD, as well as MK2 and MK3 as I own one of each of these, but with other cards, I have to hope that it works. Also, being vocal about the release is appreciated. I would much rather hear about it a day after so I know what I did fixed/broke something on your card, rather than stumble on someone whining on some forum 3 weeks later!

Thanks to everyone that follows my work, you make homebrewing fun!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Libraries out!

I've put out a new version of libFB, as well as released libPicture, the library I put together to display pictures in DSOrganize. Also, I've put up an edited version of chishm's old library for FAT. Check them all out at http://www.dragonminded.com/ndsdev/.

Plese note that some of the links on this blog are no longer valid as the code and executables for depreciated examples have been deleted.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Why Am I Not Posting Here?

I kinda got bored with blogging when I didn't have little updates to the minigames that I was making, but I realized that although I have a perfect medium for releases (my site) and a perfect medium for Q&A and bug reporting (my forums), there is no good place to make announcements, etc. I've been doing it for now in my forums, but that's not a very good place to grab information, as topics shuffle around a lot. I think I will recommission this blog as a decent place to put out information as to the current status of DSOrganize, etc.

So, to get the whole thing rolling, here are a few recent occurrances. The homebrew database has taken a few new moderators to help the flow of homebrew onto it speed up a bit. Also, a new loader in the code should allow people without a supercard/gbamp to boot files within DSOrganize. I should have a release out later today/tonight, so check occasionally on my site to see if I've got it out yet.