Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dual BG Stuff

I am starting to do NDS Dev again. Sorry for the loooong hiatus, my NDS bricked with Mario Kart and I had no way to recover it until now. First things first, I have put down the clickRPG project. Sorry to disappoint anybody, but I kind-of lost interest in it. Second, I have a new demo for you guys. I had a lot of trouble getting dual exrot backgrounds to work, so when I finally got a working piece of code out, I decided to turn it into a demo for you guys out there to learn from. Don't ask me to explain every line, as I'm still somewhat shaky on the whole dealie, but the code can be copied, used as a template, or even used as wallpaper if desirable, I don't care.

Here you guys go: dualBG.rar

NOTE: Requires libfb to compile. You can easily take the text display portion out to remove the need for libfb.


Omegas said...

Nice example code. Had to search a bit for the rar package though since the URL points to a page that doesn't seem to exist anymore?

Gabe said...

Where did you find dualBG.rar?

Is this example using 2 exrots on the same screen?

Omegas said...

I though I might share the new URL with others too :)

DragonMinded said...

Yes, this demonstrates dual BG's on the same screen.