Thursday, October 13, 2005

DS Text Editor v.3

I've already whipped out the next version of the text editor. I've gotten everything done on the to-do list, and fixed a few other bugs I have found, bringing this project to a releasable and usable version. The compiled version and source code to this project are both available for this release. Hop on over to my NDSDEV Site to grab the latest binary or source code.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Working Beta!

I'm posting a working beta of the DS Text editor. No longer is it a viewer with an annoying cursor, but a text editor! There are some bugs, such as horrid things going wrong when it can't wrap a line properly, and I'm sure there's other stuff out there. Please comment! Get it here.

- Real Ins/Ovr button.
- Caps/Shift indicators.
- Proper wrapping of really long lines.
- Repeating characters.
- Touch buttons for the cursor functions.
- Left hand/right hand mode.
- Credits screen.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Updates to Multiboot Extensions

I have updated the mod player extension to the second version. This release adds the ability to go back using B, stop and restart the mod using A/Y, and looks a bit better too. Get it here.

Also, I'm going to release the pre-alpha version of my text/ini file editor. So far, it has scrolling and cursor support, as well as saves back to the file, but nothing else. Please be cautioned as pressing start to save and go back WILL save your file in unix file format, not windows! Keys are arrow keys for the cursor, L+R for page up and down, select to change from insert to overwrite (does nothing now, because you can't insert or overwrite anything), and start to exit back to the main screen. Comments are appreciated. Get it here.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mod Player for GBAMP Multiboot

I recently saw that Mighty Max had put out a multiboot loader for the GBAMP ( Since this is the method I use to load code, I was very interested. Imagine my surprise when I found there was already support for 3rd party addons. Around one hour after finding that out, I had a working .mod player that runs using the multiboot loader.

Get it here!

To use this thing, unzip the .nds file to mb_data/apps, the .bmp file to mb_data/icons and the .mbe file to mb_data/ext. Now, just add .mod files to any random directory on your compact flash card, and select them using the multiboot loader.

Enjoy the first release!