Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Real Beta!

This is a demo for everyone in #dsdev and #<zomgsecretlol> to have a look at and comment on. I appreciate every comment or critique. As stated before, I'm still looking for a name and a good plot, but I have the beginnings of one in my mind...

Have a look at it here at http://www.dragonminded.com/ndsdev/clickRPG_2.rar

Enjoi ~_^

Sunday, August 28, 2005

ZOMG Content Already?!

Bullshit! Nothing can come of blogging this quickly! I cheated. :< http://www.dragonminded.com/ndsdev/clickRPG_1.rar to see my latest work on the touch rpg. It still does not have a name, a plot, or some of the graphics on the first level, but most of the engine bugs have been worked out and I can concentrate on the fun. \o/

If you have a good idea for a decent plot for one of these things, or have ideas on levels or a name, etc (that kinda goes together though), you can comment and I will consider. Anyone who contributes an idea thats teh win can be in the credits. Kthx ^_^.

Start of Blog?

I decided to start one of these blog thingies in order to post updates about my NDSDEV attempts. For old stuff and working projects, you probably want to visit my site at http://www.dragonminded.com/ndsdev/. I want to use this page to post updates on libfb and my touch based RPG. Comments are welcome :)